Where to Get Fresh Produce Online: Homegrown Organics

Ratings and feedback on products and sellers influence my shopping behavior, so when I find companies or online sellers that make me a happy customer, I try to spread to word.

Today let’s feature my latest source of fresh produce:

Homegrown Organics

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I just love how you can get fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables delivered to your door! The price and quality is way better compared to what you’d find in the big grocery chains.

Where to Get Fresh Produce Online: Homegrown Organics | Stitches & Words

This is already my second order. I was so happy with the first batch of mixed greens that I just had to go and order more before I ran out. The greens stayed fresh longer, and also tasted so good.

Carrots came with our first order, and I grabbed one pack of their free tomatoes.

We got avocado too. They are not yet ripe upon delivery but they include a tip sheet so you don’t accidentally cut through the fruit before it’s ready (but I still did, Ha! Excited much?).

On this second order we’re also trying their Sweet mangoes (still waiting for those to ripen), and Indian mangoes (sarap!).

Although there’s a bit of plastic packaging included, I think they are trying to minimize that as best they could and that is truly appreciated. For my next order I’ll have to remember to tell them to go paperless – I have no use for the printed invoice, and though I appreciate the tip sheet and their message to customers, I can just view those online.

Ordering Experience

They have a shopping cart system on their website. They’ve got good pictures, FAQs, and detailed description for each product. Delivery date (tentative) is clearly displayed on the site, and they also send you an SMS to confirm. I received my text confirmation a day before scheduled delivery, and they ask you to respond. Since I know I’m talking to a live person, I also let them know my time preference.

If you would like to place an order, be sure to check their FAQs.

Mode of Payment

Cash on Delivery. As mentioned above, you already know the tentative delivery date even before you order so it’s very easy to plan to have someone available to receive the produce, and pay. Sweet!

They offer free shipping for orders above PHP 450 otherwise, shipping costs PHP 75.

They don’t deliver everywhere, but have a specific delivery coverage which covers most of Metro Manila. I understand this is to ensure the quality and freshness of their products.

Happy Customer

Let me be clear, this is not a sponsored post. I have not received any compensation in exchange for this – I am just a happy customer spreading the word.

In this social media-driven world, where customer service horror stories abound, I try to share something positive every once in a while. 🙂


Let’s Karaoke!

I happen to think that I can sing well. And most Karaoke/Videoke machines agree with me 🙂 I am not about to quit my full-time job though – my singing won’t be paying the bills, for sure.

We’ve owned a Videoke machine for years – my Dad loves to sing-along too, probably more than I do. It is a LOT of fun, specially when you do sing-offs with family and friends. Should you be in the market for your own system, this post is for you.

Here are Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Karaoke Machine:

Deciding on which karaoke machine to choose when you are interested in buying one can be quite challenging, especially considering the barrage of options that you will be faced with. The entire process may be even more complicated if you do not have information about karaoke systems and are working with a limited budget. A number of factors are worthy of consideration before you buy your karaoke machine. Invaluable help is provided by the Best Karaoke Machines 2018 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

Here are things to consider to help you make the right choice:

The speakers

When choosing a karaoke system, speakers are an important consideration. The quality of the speakers and the output power differentiate good speakers from those that are not. Karaoke speakers for kids usually have not more than 5 watts power output, while home karaoke systems can be up to 10 watts, but not more. For outdoor parties, speaker jacks are required with the karaoke machine for a higher power and quality output.


Karaoke microphones are arguably the most important karaoke machine accessories. For home karaoke systems, one microphone is usually provided, with an input jack that allows one more microphone to be connected when necessary. The same setting applies to karaoke systems designed for kids, and the extra microphone would be purchased when needed. The two microphones are used when there is the need to sing duets.

Ease of setup and portability

When trying to decide on the karaoke machine to buy, the portability of the machine and how easy it is to setup is a relevant factor. Most machines come with manuals to offer guidance on how they should be setup, but you still need to verify if the procedures are not too complicated. When your intention is to carry the karaoke machine around, then portability is key. Having to spend a lot of time assembling and putting it apart when you want to carry it around is a put-off.

Option for recording

There are karaoke machines that have the option of being able to record songs that have already been performed. Such machines have USB ports and SD card slots for memory sticks to be connected for recording when singing. Besides, such karaoke systems have playback features that allow recordings to be played back instantly for assessment. An added benefit is that the memory devices containing the recordings can be copied on to computers, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) or burnt on to CDs.

AC Power

The very fact that karaoke systems can be used at home or outdoors means that they come with AC adapters, and sometimes battery terminals. Your intention should dictate if you want both the AC adapter and the battery-powered kind or just the AC-powered type only.

Sound and Voice controls

Good karaoke systems should come with the option to use automatic voice controls that give singers the freedom to mute voices of singers while allowing only the background music to keep playing. That way, you can overwrite the singer’s voice with yours on the same background music, allowing you to create a new mix.

I hope you find this guide useful. What’s your favorite tune to sing-along to?

It’s O Shopping Day!

Have you ever stayed up late at night with the TV just on, still tuned in to Channel 2 (or 8 on cable) way after the teleseryes, Bandila, and Banana Nights? Then you’re no stranger to O Shopping.

O Shopping is ABS-CBN’s own home TV shopping venture with a Korean brand. I can watch those advertorials all night long, and I must confess, I even tune in to Channel 11 at daytime. Haha!

I haven’t actually ordered anything but I’ve got my eye on a few things. If you’re like me and you’ve been waiting for a reason to finally purchase that shower head, or the Lock N Lock or Glass Lock set, today is O Shopping Day! 


What are you going to get?

I am not connected to O Shopping and this isn’t a paid post, nor am I using any paid links. I just heard about the promo and thought it would be nice to share. Smile

Lazada Shopping: Insect Killer

After a wonderful Zalora experience last week, here I am sharing yet another online shopping experience. This time, with Lazada.

We have mosquitoes around the house and the boyfriend has been on the lookout for a mosquito solution like the one we used to have – the kind that looks like a lamp but actually fries insects that come into contact with the high-voltage grid. We had a small, cheap version. It was good while it lasted.

I finally found an affordable replacement from a relatively reliable brand – the American Heritage Insect Killer. After gaining approval from the whole household, I ordered it from Lazada on Saturday, 3/22.



I chose Cash on Delivery as my payment method to avoid using a credit card. Having COD is definitely one of the things I like about shopping with Lazada.

The order confirmation said that it may take upto 5 days for the delivery. Much to my surprise though (the happy kind), shipping confirmation was sent to my email  on that very afternoon.

Early on Sunday morning, I receive another happy news: the delivery team was on its way. They were at our doorstep within 20 minutes of notification. Talk about efficiency!

This was my second shopping experience with Lazada and I am a satisfied customer. As for the American Heritage Insect Killer, well, the sound of mosquito flying into the trap is a welcome background noise. Check it out on the link, and you can still get 10% off the listed price if you use a MasterCard to pay. Happy Shopping!

Happiness in a Box–Zalora

No, I did not shop for myself again! I know that I seem like a compulsive buyer but I’m a recovering Shopaholic Smile 

This happiness package right here was delivered just a few minutes ago. I haven’t opened it yet because it’s not mine. Yes, I ordered it, and it was delivered to me, but the contents are for one of my TLs. I promised her a gift in exchange for hitting a particular target last month, and it was time to collect. She also ordered another item for herself.

Truth be told, I’m probably just as excited as she is to tear this box open. Smile


It was yet another smooth and hassle-free experience ordering from Zalora.

We ordered very early on Monday morning, and I received this shipping confirmation around midnight last night:

Zalora shippin confirmation

I wasn’t expecting delivery until tomorrow so I was pleasantly surprised to receive the delivery guy’s text message this afternoon that he was 10 minutes away from our place. Sweet!

If you haven’t tried out Zalora shopping yet, now would be a good time. They’ve got the Sunnies by Charlie collection (my favorite), and they’ve got pretty summer dresses of all types and sizes too! Use this code on your first purchase to take off 15%: ZBAPMzr

So whether you’re buying for yourself, or for someone special, consider Zalora for your shopping needs.

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