Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

For dinner on Sunday, after a day of shopping, food, and the movies, I decided to take up a former colleague’s recommendation. We tried Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things. 

logo courtesy of their Facebook Page


I’m not really into spicy food, but I wanted to try their Buffalo wings. Besides, we were in the mood for a little adventure. Their Menu board was very simple, it’s obvious that they focused on one thing. Their Buffalo Wings. 


The space was quite spartan too. You had tables and chairs, TVs, big mirrors, and photos on the wall. Nothing fancy. You’d know that the people who went there go for the wings. And for drinks. 🙂 I liked the space. I liked the mirrors on one wall with New York City quotes: 


And the opposite wall of NY city photo prints: 


I found it inspiring. I told the boyfriend that we could select among our favorite photos and have them printed that way. We just don’t have a wall to hang them on yet. 

Of course, the main attraction: the Buffalo wings. 


I had half a pound with their New York’s Finest sauce, with fries. I figured I could take a step higher than The Rookie. And you know what? It was just right for me. It was spicy, but I could take it. The boyfriend broke a sweat with half a pound of chicken in their Nuclear sauce and two servings of their Dirty Rice. It was one step down from the spiciest sauce in the house. Mine was spicy enough, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how hot his were.  At first he goes, oh well it’s okay. A few seconds later, it hit him. Our conclusion: they sure know what they’re in business for! 🙂 

It was a perfect way to end the day. What made the meal special wasn’t just the good food we shared. It was all that and hanging out having a good conversation.