BC Bloggers Party – Get to Know Verabear

I’ve never been good at describing myself, so I’m lifting what I wrote in my About me page two years ago (with some edits of course) 🙂


Thank you for finding your way to verabear.net, my own space where the moon shines.

Verabear is a monicker I’ve used for a long time now. It is derived from the pet name my grandfather (Papa) has for me. I started actively using it back in college while thinking of the best username for my very first Yahoo email – an Inbox that I still maintain til now, more than ten years later. Okay, I don’t really maintain it, but it is still open.

I’ve been blogging here and there for about six or seven years. I write for myself mainly, but I am happy when I get visits from both friends and strangers (*hint* I love getting comments!).

As a young girl, I loved reading story books. Later on, I moved up to novels. I wrote stories too, though none were finished. Just as much as I loved to read, I found that I enjoyed telling them too.

I’m not a party girl, and I never really got to that phase in a young person’s life when she goes out to bars. My idea of a perfect hangout would be just chilling out and having conversations – both the meaningful ones, and ones that don’t make much sense. That’s probably why blogging figures perfectly in my life, because here I’ve found a ready ear for the stories that I’m bursting to share.

I’ve taken up photography in the last year, and I am loving it. I haven’t given it the time needed to really work on my skills though, but I’ll get there. I hope you enjoy the photos I share with you. I find that photos add color to my stories.

I share my life with Alfred, my boyfriend of ten years; our Shih-Tzu Zune; my mom LB and dad Danny; and my brother Bads. Now, I share our stories with you.

Thanks again, and see you soon!