Election 2010 – 2 days later

For the first time in Philippine history, the elections were automated. It means so many things, in so many levels.

Personally, it was my first time to vote. Around this time last year, I talked about my experience at voter’s registration. A week or two ago, I mentioned how tough it was to make a decision. In the end, I gave my vote to Richard Gordon. He lost. I am not that disappointed though. I have faith in the resilience of the Filipino.

Noynoy, who has a comfortable 4 million lead from his closest opponent (do not get me started on that), is poised to be our next president. With about 40% of votes, his is the closest we’re getting to a majority vote in a long time, or so I hear. What keeps me hopeful is that those who came out to vote, and before that to campaign for their bets, will continue to be vigilant and participate in the affairs of the nation. If not participate in government and its process, I hope that the majority continue to be more participative in activities that promote social change. No, I am not talking about blogging about politics, or joining rallies. I am referring to the spirit that the series of calamities in 2009 seemed to have stirred in the Pinoy.

If there was one thing that Ondoy taught us, apart from the fact that there is no disaster preparedness plan to speak of, is that change happens faster when we take it upon ourselves to act. That every little thing YOU do, counts.

So there, I stayed in line for five hours, suffered under the heat of the sun, to cast my very first vote. I chose my president, VP, 12 senators, party list representative, congressman, mayor, vice mayor, and six city councilors. I had my dad and cousins to keep me company (Ma was prioritized as a senior [although she looks very young], and my brother couldn’t stay the whole time and ended up not voting). The day after, I woke up to news that about 77% of election results have been transmitted to the Comelec. That’s wonderful news to this country where manual counting took months to complete!

Then I heard the sad news: only two of my senatoriables made it to the top 12. Marcos made it, and actors-turned-politicians will be back to dominate the senate. I thought we wanted change people, yet we elect the same old faces that don’t embody that. How many times have those people served in the senate, what have they done? If you think about it, even though I don’t like Jamby, it seems like she did a lot as a Senator. Now, she’s not going back. Neither is Gordon. And that is so sad.

But I’m okay. Though I sweated like a pig yesterday, and the heat caused some breakout of adult acne, and though it made me restless the night before (I had a dream, but now’s not the time to share it), it was all worth it. I will vote again.

How was your election experience?

[yes, I took pictures because there was not much else to do, I will post them next time]