Elections 2010: A Family Affair

This year’s general elections, the first ever to be automated in the country, was a family affair for us. We headed to the voting precinct together, Dad, Mom, and I. Kuya followed a few minutes later.


We didn’t necessarily leave the place as a family though.

For Ma, and this will show her age (sorry!), her voting experience was expedited. Let’s just say that she qualified for special treatment. She stayed in line with us for almost an hour though before she was able to get on to the express lane. Hehe. My big brother was a few people away from us to the back of the line. He was there for over an hour before he decided to join mom and dad for lunch at KFC a few steps away from the precinct, after that, he decided to go home and bring lunch to Diane. He was supposed to go back but we were waiting in line for five hours, and the line behind us was growing longer. He had work that night so he had to go to bed…

So I spent the most time with Dad, and my cousins Nikki and Che. We ate kwek-kwek, KFC fries, drank KFC Krushers, cold water, and Coke, in those five hours. It was soooo hot that day, but being under the tent, and there being chairs, helped to keep our heads cool. Cool lang kahit na there were people who cut into the line. Friends who were supposed to be about four or five people down the line from us got pushed farther back. Tsk.

Anyway speaking of family, I’ll try to include a photo of Dad showing how much stomach fat loss he’s had. Yep, he’s lost a lot of inches and he’s been very proud of that. Other photos of the family on election day will be added to this post in a few… 🙂