Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Video lifted from Pia Magalona’s Multiply site, as a teaser for their campaign to raise awareness of the Cervical Cancer vaccine. Their clothing line FMCC has Laban ni Maria shirts.

Since the availability of an anti-cervical cancer vaccine in the country was announced, I have wanted to avail of the shots. Yesterday, while waiting at the OB-GYN’s clinic, I finally got to ask the doctor’s assistant for info on them. The vaccine is administered in three shots within 6 months of the first one. Each shot costs either PhP3,500 or PhP4,500 depending on the brand. The difference, according to the lady, was that the more expensive one prevents the strain causing genital warts as well, while the other doesn’t.

The cost is considerable, but if you weigh it to the fact that you get protection from cervical cancer, then it does seem worth it. I wonder though, can anyone recommend another hospital or doctor that may be offering the same vaccines at a lower cost?

I could have asked at the Medicard clinic, but they would refer me to another OB-GYN in the same building. I feel a bit disloyal having to go to someone else, haha. SmileSo if you’ve had your shots from a different clinic or doctor at a lower cost than what was quoted here, would you please be so kind as to give me a recommendation? I would appreciate it.

Why is important to get the Cervical Cancer vaccine?

An article from the Mayo Clinic website mentions that in the US alone, 40% of those diagnosed with this disease die. In the Philippines, about a third of those infected do not get well. Cervical Cancer also strikes at any age, could be when a woman is still young and about to start a family.

There are two types of vaccine available, both blocks HPV types 16 and 18 which causes about 70% of cervical cancer cases (source). One of them, Gardasil, also blocks types 6 and 11, which though not associated with Cervical Cancer, are associated with genital warts and mild Pap test abnormalities. I guess this is what the doctor’s assistant was referring to as the more expensive brand and if so, I don’t see anything wrong with going with the one from GSK.

Who should be vaccinated?

Girls as young as 10 years old may already avail of the vaccine. This is recommended so their immune system sets in before the virus and the cancer even has a chance to step in and develop.

I encourage girlfriends to consult their doctor soon, and avail of the cervical cancer vaccine. This can even be our ‘bonding’ activity. Let’s go together, and then do something fun after the shots. Smile