Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black

For the first time, I’m joining in with TCP!

With a Brad Pitt theme, how could I NOT join? My all-time favorite? There’s actually two of them. The first one is The Mexican with Julia Roberts. The boyfriend and I have a favorite quote from the movie that we kept passing along to each other each time we switched phones.

“If two people love each other, but they just can’t seem to get it together. When do you say (or when do you get to the point where) enough is enough?” “Never”

But this TCP post is for: Meet Joe Black!

I just can’t ever get tired of watching this movie. Brad’s smiles can melt you on the spot! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s the story of William Parrish (Hopkins), a media tycoon, who finds out that he is about to die. How does he know? The grim reaper himself, borrowing a young man’s body and calling himself Joe Black, has come to get him. But Joe, for once, gave Mr. Parrish time to set his affairs in order. He was given time to prepare for his death.

How many of us would get such a gift? Not many. Mr. Parrish was very rich, apart from his companies that will continue to run and earn for his family even after his death, he probably has a huge insurance too. I’ve no doubt that years before he even started getting sick, his advisers have already compare term life insurance plans for him to pick out the best one. Unfortunately for many of us, we are ill prepared. Maybe we don’t have the resources to prepare for how our family will survive after we pass away. But more than taking care of the finances, the other aspects are more difficult to prepare for.

For Bill Parrish, he was more concerned about his daughters and making sure they are in a good place in their lives as he goes away. That’s more important than any fortune he has.

But the movie is not morbid at all, it’s not all about death. It’s also about finding love in the most uncommon circumstances. Before the grim reaper took possession of his body as Joe Black, the young man had a chance encounter with Susan (Claire Forlani), Bill’s youngest daughter. They had a connection, and almost could not walk away from each other. Sadly, that’s what actually led to the young man’s temporary death. Imagine her surprise when he showed up for dinner.

Imagine the grim reaper falling in love. And not being greedy enough to take Susan’s life too. And to bringing the real person who owned the body back from the dead, so they can continue with the love story. I wonder if they do fall in love?

Anyway, go see the movie yourself if you ย haven’t yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

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