Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

photo courtesy of http://adiraiexpress.blogspot.com/2009/01/common-cold.html

That’s what I have. My muscles ache, my throat’s sore, and my nose feels like it has a lot of snot itching to drip. ๐Ÿ™

It all started on Sunday, I was feeling feverish but I couldn’t skip out from work because no one will be there to cover for me. So I just had to visit the clinic every once in a while to check on my temperature and to get all sorts of medicine. I made it through the end of my shift.

I even made it to Pasay where Alfred’s mom prepared bulalo for lunch. It was the feast day of their Parish so there were people out celebrating everywhere. The soup did me a lot of good. I felt better, and almost forgot everything I had complained about.

Back home though, it was the same deal again. Still, I had to go to work. I went to the clinic early in my shift to hopefully catch the doctor. Unfortunately, he had already left. Early. Earlier than the 6am he was supposed to close shop. The nurse checked my temperature and took a peek at my throat. All’s just swell, she says. Duh, I’d just had a cold bath at 4 in the morning! Of course I’d have normal body temp. hehe.

I endured for three more hours before going back to the clinic. The “lead” nurse was on duty. She gave me three different kinds of medicine – one for coughs, another for colds, and yet another for the body pain. If I wasn’t better in two hours, she says, come back. So two hours later, I was back. She sent me home. Finally.

I went straight to Humana, a medical clinic, to consult with a doctor. A CBC was ordered and results ruled out Dengue. My WBC was high, and so were the Segmenters. The nice doctor says the former pointed to an infection, while the latter suggests that it’s bacterial in nature. So here I am with a prescription for antibiotics, two kinds of cough/cold medicine (one for dry cough, another for when my cough has phlegm). So I’ve been laying low and hadn’t been online that much.

Drink up, rest, sleep, and get better. That’s what I’m doing. And trying not to spread this around.