Christmas Wish List

Indeed, it is that time of the year again. They say Pinoys celebrate Christmas the longest. As soon, as the ‘Ber’ months start rolling in, you’d hear Christmas carols played in malls or over the radio. Decorations start getting sold, trees go up in some houses and establishments. And, for the young and old alike, wish lists are made and revisited several times until the season ends.

What’s on my list? Let’s just talk about the material here, none of those wishes for world peace, good health and all that. Just a personal wish list for gifts. Smile Either a Fuji Instax, or a Polaroid printer. A TLR, the Gakkenflex maybe, for more lomo love. A new pair of trainers, for when I’d go to the gym, or for walking (the Adidas Fluid or Bounce, or whatever, seem good choices). A Fossil purse/wallet to replace my huge wallet that’s falling apart after a year or so of abuse. The Tinkerbell flats from Melissa (although I just bought the Little Prince pumps so I can’t really spend for this one, if it’s a present though then why not). I’m sure there are a couple of things I’ve forgotten.


On the boyfriend’s list, he has a new pair of rubber shoes too, and it’s most definitely going to be an Adidas. He also wants another pair of shoes from Vans. Then there’s the SB600 Nikkor flash that he’s been pining for. Wait, is this really it? I swear his list was longer! Oh well.

What’s missing from both our lists are anything computer or gadget related. No upgrades for the PC, a replacement laptop, nor netbooks. I find it ironic too. Now that such things are made more affordable, we don’t want them. There was a time when we’d always talk about needing upgrades for the PC, or getting a netbook for mobile computing. The iPad serves what we would normally want a netbook for. And the PC at home is close to the ideal that we want (well as close as current budgets would allow) so we’re not wanting in that department. Smile 

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about the boyfriend promising to take care of more than one item on my list this year. I should be happy that I’d be getting the gifts I want. But part of me feels that he shouldn’t be spending his money on those, I’d rather we save up what little extra money we have. But then again, why would I stop him from showering me with gifts? Basta he shouldn’t expect me to spend a lot of money on his gifts! Haha! I’ll save for the two of us Winking smile

What about you, what’s on your list this Christmas?