My first Barangay Elections

On Monday, it was my first time to participate in barangay elections as a voter. In years past, I was campaigner and supporter, and precinct tambay during the counting. This year, I was a voter.

I had work that day but I went out on my lunch hour just to vote. I was not going to let this election pass without showing support for my uncle, who ran and won a seat in the council as Barangay Kagawad. Three years ago, I had this to say about the elections. Today, what can I say?

The voting experience was a lot more pleasant than the May 2010 Computerized National Elections. I was in and out of the precinct in ten minutes, maybe even less. Kuya already took note of my voter number at my precinct so I didn’t have to check anything when I got there. I just told the BEI what my number was, they found me quickly and gave me my ballot. It was a bit disturbing though that she noted the precinct number and voter number at the back of the ballot. That doesn’t make the vote anonymous does it? Hmm. Oh well.

I did not vote for a barangay captain because there was only one candidate and I don’t really like him. In fairness, he won an awarded last year for being one of the best in QC, but I don’t know the details of that award. Seems like a lot of people received it too anyway. I know nothing of the criteria. I’ve just never really liked him even before he went ahead and became my uncle’s opponent in the election 3 years ago. It’s sad that no one went up against him, not even my uncle. They say its because he and his people have money, and if you’re not prepared to fight that way, then no campaigning will ensure your win. Sad.

I also heard that money flowed again on the night before Monday’s elections. Despite that, my uncle was able to snag the last post in the council. It’s really disappointing that he was only number 7, but we’ll take that win anytime. It was a clean win. I just hope that eventhough he’ll be the only one there who won’t be from the barangay captain’s roster, that he gets to handle projects and still be able to serve.

(You will notice a barrage of posts from me today, I have a deadline for linking up YESTERDAY and I’m catching up. I hope you read all posts that come up 🙂 )