Emma Geller-Green

Does the name sound familiar? For Friends fans, it will definitely ring a bell. She’s Rachel’s and Ross’ baby girl 🙂

I ran a search on the term “having a baby” because I wanted to write about preparing for my nephew’s arrival next month (SIL is due on December 18, can’t wait!). The YouTube video that came up on top of the Bing search results was a video of Rachel giving birth (watch in Youtube, embedding has been disabled). Funny how I don’t remember seeing that episode, nor the one where they celebrated Emma’s first birthday. And I thought I’d watched every Friends episode. Maybe there was something missing in my DVD or I’m really just that forgetful.

I almost teared up over Emma and Friends. 🙁

My SIL’s friends at work and her team already threw a birthday shower for her so the baby has pretty much all the things he needs when he comes out. They will also be buying him a foldable crib soon, I hear it costs about ten thousand pesos (pricey!). Now what shall I get for our baby boy? I have no idea! I’ve been so used to buying random things for my nieces and nephews (thru cousins) but I’m at a loss for what to get for our coming little angel. Ugh. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

We haven’t locked in on a name yet. Viktor Ethan? Dan Viktor? Vlad? Vito? Hay.

I also have no idea what kind of parents they’ll be. I mean, are they particular about the baby’s things? Like would they prefer organic stuff and do they check lead levels on the plastic/rubber products they’re getting. Will they be getting formula or will it be breast milk all the way?


All of a sudden I know what I’m going to get them! Woohoo 🙂