Beloved Prince

After much ado about baby names, my brother and his wife finally chose a name: Davin Amir. It means Beloved Prince. The name was chosen around the same time that our little angel was born into this world, at 1:24PM on the day before Christmas.

Davin is a Scandinavian name that, according to sites for baby names, means Beloved. Amir, on the other hand, has Middle Eastern origins and means Prince. We started to look into names that meant prince or ruler after learning that my brother’s name meant “renowned prince” or popular ruler, or also “to rule with greatness.”

He is the greatest blessing we have all received in 2010. For that, we look forward to a prosperous and an even happier 2011.

From our home to yours, Have a Happy and Safe New Year! 🙂

Doesn’t he look so cute? At the rate we’d been shopping for him, we’d all be needing payday advances to get through until next payout! haha! 🙂