Write. Eat. Yum.

The way I sit around here blogging, you’d think we had no plans of going out this afternoon, much more that I had not work at midnight tonight. But blog I must while there’s inspiration. Blogging is sometimes like eating. You need to have an appetite for it in order for you to really enjoy it. There are so many topics to write about but don’t we suffer from writer’s block so many times in the course of a week? It’s like that with food too. Even while surrounded with a lot of good food, if you simply have no desire for it you will not be tempted.

So I eat when I feel like eating. And I write when I have the urge to write.

I only wish that I had more writing inspirations than I have food inspirations. Sometimes when I feel so good eating, I’d like to believe that the advertised Bangkok and Ballerina pills don’t have the alleged side effects of diet pills that scare me. Wouldn’t losing weight be so much easier then? Oh well.