Kotex Luxe

I don’t mean to gross anyone out, but I guarantee that this post has been sanitized, and completely hygienic. If you’d rather not read about sanitary napkins though, feel free to move on to my next post. Oprah’s Favorite Things might just be a more interesting post for you 🙂

Yesterday at Between the Covers, I mentioned a trip to the grocery and the mall on Sunday morning. What I didn’t share there was this other luxe item I bought.

The bag doesn’t look like packaging for a sanitary napkin does it? But it is.  Kotex was my brand of choice years ago, specifically their Kotex White. It’s comparable to Modess I guess, only better. But they stopped production, or I just don’t see it in groceries anymore. I do remember asking my brother one time to get two pack of that brand for me, from Glo-ri Supermarket at Tandang Sora. He picked me up from work (then at Luzon Avenue) after I’d bled through my pants. Yuck. (Anyone grossed out yet?)

So anyway…. I’d seen the Luxe line awhile bag, but this is new packaging, and I must admit that it looks really nice.

The back view shows the pad designs in a bigger scale. My first reaction upon learning that the pads had designs: what would you need designer pads for? The answer – you don’t need them. These pads are not what you’d call necessities. They belong in the category of things that are “nice to have.” Not to mention, these cost more than your average pad.

But the individual wrap is violet! Nice 🙂

And the pads are really Ultrathin, much like the Modess Ultrathins designed for heavy flow. These aren’t extra long though, just regular sized.

I’d expected the print to be more colorful, but they’re quite light really. Not sure if they’re like diapers that will look different when ‘wet.’

I used this product today and it’s quite comfortably and you almost forget you had one on. I’m at the tail end of my period so I wouldn’t know how it would stand my regular to heavy flow days, but it looks promising really. Still, I think I’d stick with Modess for my regular pads, specially with the Sulit pack that allows for some savings. But like I said, it wouldn’t hurt to use these from time to time, specially when you need to tote them in a bag when you go out.