Our TiXie V

Last year, we said hello to Alfred’s first DSLR, ViKtor – the Nikon D5000. This year (barely six months later), we bade goodbye to him too.  It was not an easy decision to make but Alfred decided to sell him in order to build a fund for a better camera. He uses my Deena in his photo shoots anyway, and I don’t really like using ViK so there was no sense keeping them both. He did buy Tixie V from the money he got from selling ViK. So now our second camera is a point and shoot:

But Tixie’s not just any point and shoot. We’ve been eyeing the Sony Cybershot TX5 as a second camera for awhile but almost didn’t get one anymore. Once Alfred entertained the idea of selling ViK he first thought of getting a Sony NEX-5 but that proved to be too expensive and would have cost as much (or more) as a brand new D5000. So we thought about the TX5 again and checked out the prices. We were glad to have found an online store that carried the TX5 at ten thousand pesos less than the mall rates! The decision to buy, and the transaction was very fast: ViK was sold on a Sunday night, we contacted the TX5 seller on Monday night, and got TiXie on Tuesday afternoon. Sweet!

TiXie’s around to help me accomplish one of my 2011 goals – get better at documenting everyday happenings, and significant events too. It isn’t practical to tote Deena around everyday because she tends to get heavy. TiXie packs a punch with cool features in a slim and small body 🙂

So with this purchase, the boyfriend is still able to keep some money from ViK’s sale. I know he would have wanted the new 32gb ipod touch for himself, but he chose  to get the camera for me. We’ll surely be using her a lot in our Cebu trip in a few weeks.