Ace Water Spa for only 299!

The Entry Fee at Ace Water Spa is normally priced at 550 pesos per adult, but at CashCashPinoy, they are offering discount coupons so you can get it at only 299 pesos! That is a steal!

The first and last time I was there was in 2008 – a very long time ago. Alfred hasn’t been there at all and the discounted price is a very good reason to make the trip happen. I’ll be buying at least four coupons!

Those will be just for the boyfriend and myself. I think Mom would probably ask for a couple of coupons for them too so she and Dad could take Esban back there at a discounted fee too. 🙂

I think it’s wonderful that sites like this are available in the Philippines now. There’s another one, Ensogo, that I’ve signed up for too. I bought coupons from there but haven’t used them yet. I’m thinking of giving the two coupons for Chef’s Bistro to Mom and Dad as a birthday gift for Dad.  Alfred and I were supposed to use them for our anniversary dinner the other day but we decided to eat somewhere else. Hmm…

Do you like getting deals like this? Sign up for CashCashPinoy, and also for Ensogo!