Chill Out

First, read about The Trip (or Cebu 2011 Part 1) and Be Resorts (Where we stayed)

On our first morning in Cebu, we headed down to the small wading pool by the beach to hangout. We weren’t due for the City Tour until around lunch time so we had plenty of time to kill and play around in the water. It was also Tixie’s debut as  a waterproof camera. 🙂 All photos in this post were shot using Tixie.

I spent a lot of time that morning laying on a lounge chair, with a huge umbrella shielding me from the heat of the sun. This, pretty much, was my view:

It was nice to just relax and chill out. Sounds ironic because we were at the beach! But really – it was very cool that day, not too windy but enough to keep the heat from biting. While lounging we talked about our hopes and dreams. In particular, I was dreaming about staying just like so for weeks and not having to go to an office. Oh to be able to live the life! We joked about finding jobs at call centers in Cebu just so we can have weekends like that, haha. Or of me just working online – I could whip out my tiny but powerful laptop and type and surf away – anywhere. I could literally earn while chilling out at the same time! No more having to worry about general management jobs and all the troubles and pressures these jobs bring. Of course, things are just never that easy…

So – back to the pool to have the water wake us up!

Thanks to Tixie, it was all about goofing off and snapping crazy photos 🙂

I’d have to say though, Alfred gets to have so many nice shots and I don’t! He tried getting underwater snapshots of me but I either look like a whale or all he gets are bubbles, hahahahaa 🙂

Oh by the way, these next two photos were supposed to be part of the Be Resorts post but I forgot to upload them.

This is a playset in the hotel’s recreation room. A kiddie sized sala set! I almost stayed behind to hangout here (but I think it was more because of the Rockband set in the room than for this :))

Now this is how the beds look like, there’s two in the room:


Sooooo… enough for today. See you around soon 🙂