It was Friday, around normal people’s lunch time, the boyfriend was off work and I was trying to wrap up the remaining tasks for my own workday. ‘Why hasn’t he asked me yet if I was ready to go?’ I wondered. I called him after several unanswered BBMs and SMS. He was fast asleep.

I couldn’t just go home – had no more cash on me and I had given him my ATM. He was supposed to take Zune to the vet for his annual checkup and booster shots. I only had enough for my fare to work and a midday meal. The itinerary was supposed to be:

> Take dog to the vet
> Pick me up
> Lunch
> Get Zune
> Go home

He found an excuse – the groomer wasn’t there yet, not until 1pm. OK. Work was only until 11am and though I always stayed an hour or two extra, that day I felt I had to leave early – this was day 2 of my headache downtime. When he finally said that he had taken Zune to the clinic (All About Pets) and was on a cab to Cubao, I stepped out, grabbed two Hopias from the cafeteria and went outside to wait for him. After 10 mins of waiting (it was better to wait there because the cold temp in the office was making my headache worse), I decided to go inside the mall.

It could have meant additional spending for me (disaster!). In the past few months, I had noticed how the Plus size section at SM Cubao had grown. There are more brands now, better selection, and they didn’t all look like clothes for matrons. 🙂 This section was right on the first floor, from my entrance I’d go past the watches, turn right, walk about ten paces and voila!


This was where I got my first ever BBD last year (for obvious reasons, I can’t call it a little black dress could I?). There were a lot of nice tops on display, and there were printed shirts on sale too. If I wasn’t hungry, or didn’t have a headache, I’d have tried a lot of stuff on.

Thankfully, the boyfriend arrived before I could do any swiping with my credit card. I had shown him a shirt I had taken a fancy to – he liked it though I don’t own anything in that color (pale yellow), but the saleslady would have to check for the size I needed. I didn’t have time for that. So bye bye butterflies on a pale yellow shirt!

I love how there are so many choices available now for my size, and they’re age appropriate too. But even so, I must not remain comfortable at this size. I am obese, not just curvy. Although I do not think I will ever shop at a non plus size section, I can be a 12 or a 14 instead of an 18 or 20. I can be just as proud of my curves without the health risks of diabetes and hypertension hanging over my head everyday.

Though plus size clothing has just become more fashionable, not being healthy has not. I must not lose sight of that.