BC Bloggers: how much Time do You Spend On facebook?

Too much!

There was a time when I’d be online in Facebook for hours on end. I’d read updates, and go back as far as I can go if I ever miss out on logging in for a day or two. When I got my Blackberry, getting connected in Facebook became even easier. I was virtually online 24/7.

Facebook satisfies the tsismosa in me. Not that I look for or start rumors ha. I just mean that it satisfies my interest in my friends’ lives. Pareho lang ba yun? But the novelty of that soon wore off. Now I don’t care if I miss out on your latest status update. And I don’t view half of the videos that have been shared on your walls. I do check out photos. And I leave comments where they are welcome. Smile

But it’s the game apps that really got me hooked in the first place.

There was Restaurant City. Then Farmville. Café World. Baking Life came next. And now CityVille.

Good thing though is I’m weaning myself slowly from all those. I only really actively play CityVille now, but even that I am slowly giving up. It’s just too time consuming. Hahaha.

Okay. Enough of this. I’m going to logon to FB now. Smile

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