Goodbye my S Phone?

It was only three months ago, before my birthday, when I boasted about getting a new phone: the My|Phone S Phone. Since then, I have loved it and it has amazed everyone whose seen it for the first time. First, people would notice it’s size, and would hardly believe it was a phone. They all would say that they thought it was a compact, make-up. Almost everyone would like to touch and it and check it out themselves. And I would always be so proud to indulge them.

I love my S Phone!

This is approximately the actual size of the phone!

I also remember saying that I won’t be switching to a new phone for the rest of the year, unless someone else gives me one.

Uhm. Well.

Technically, I didn’t buy a new phone. I got one as part of the new Globe plan I signed up for yesterday: a Blackberry Curve!

I would have preferred the red one (and there’s allegedly a purple one in Greenhills) but it’s only available for those availing of the promo using their HSBC credit cards. Bummer. The boyfriend might switch to this too though, so we’ll ask a friend for help to sign up for it just so we could get the red one. haha. 🙂 If you think about it, it was a Blackberry envy that got me to buy my first qwerty phone earlier this year, the myPhone Qt22. And now I finally got one.

I haven’t played around with it yet, I will this afternoon. Anyone using BB and care to exchange BBM pins (not that I know how to use that yet!)? 😀

Sooo, I am reluctant, but I may have to sell my S phone. I’ll mark it down to 4,000 pesos. Anyone interested?