Catch up Starbucks post :)

Wow. Regular Monday flew right past me. I slept the entire day, passed out on the couch without a care in the world.

Sad thing is that it’s now midnight and I have work in two hours. Because I’ve been up since 7 I’m pretty sure I’ll have low energy at work. Oh well. Such is my life.

You know what though? I normally complain about sleeping in during my days off. But now I know I shouldn’t. Sleep is a rare commodity. And I should be thankful that I have days when I can stock up on sleep. Smile

Anyhoo.. I was looking through the photos on my phone for blogging inspiration and realized I had a few ones on DropBox that I haven’t used on the blog yet. So, here they are!

Photo May 07, 2 15 18 PM

Starbucks had their Frappuccino Happy Hour promo earlier this month and I only enjoyed it once, on the last day I think. Smile The boyfriend isn’t a coffee shop fan because he claims not to understand why people would buy expensive coffee and sit around the coffee shop. He’s not a coffee drinker and would only occasionally have some to keep himself awake at work. He’s good with the three-in-one instant variety. Smile

We ordered non-coffee frappes: Strawberry for him, Green Tea with Soy milk for me. Colorfully yum! Smile

Since drinks were half price, we got Venti sizes. I also ordered some food since I hadn’t had lunch.

Photo May 07, 1 37 41 PM

I got a chicken wrap, and the cinnamon swirl was for the boyfriend. I also tried a cake pop. The chicken wrap was a healthy alternative to a piece of cake. Sadly it didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I don’t think I’ll be ordering it again.

The cinnamon swirl is pretty much a staple order for us so nothing new there.

The cake pop is a Bakerella sensation. It’s a lot like the oreo truffles that I also make, also courtesy of the Bakerella. I had to try the cake pops.

Photo May 07, 1 53 12 PM

Photo May 07, 1 54 28 PM

It’s okay. Texture was a lot like my truffles. It isn’t too sweet either, which was a bummer. My truffles tended to taste a bit salty due to the cream cheese I think, but these pops are not the least bit salty. I want more. Maybe I’ll make my own na lang. Smile