Varekai & Incubus

These are two foreign acts coming to Manila in July. We want to see both. Since Alfred heard about Incubus’ coming here, he’s asked me to go. Since I noticed the Facebook ad for Varekai, I’ve wanted to go. It sucks that both costs a lot, and are happening in the same month.

Do you set aside a specific amount of money for entertainment each month? It’s just that we’ve been to the movies three times in three weeks, and all trips involved eating out as well. There have been dine outs in between too. It’s become really expensive.

I’m planning on a No Resto Week. I won’t eat in restaurants this week. If I have work, I’ll eat in the pantry or bring food. When we get home, it’s either home cooked or my Dad provides it. Or we’ll buy ulam from a carinderia. If my colleagues invite me to eat out (specially since it’s payday week), maybe I can convince them to pay for my meal, haha!

The money I’ll save will probably be able to pay for the cheapest ticket to Varekai for one person. I hear steiner binoculars won’t be necessary even with the lowest priced seat – the venue is intimate enough that everyone has a good view of the performers. Cool!

Alfred isn’t too sure about Incubus anymore, so that’s one expense we won’t have to shell out for. Smile

Why do I want to see Varekai so badly? It isn’t just the hype, nor is it because all the IT crowd go to see it. I’ve always wanted to see the greatest show on earth, and Cirque du Soleil promises that. I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, seeing them perform is definitely going to be on it. A trip to Vegas isn’t in my near future, so them coming to the Philippines is a chance I just do not want to pass up.