Books for Pens of Hope


Miss N is at it again.

Pens of HopePens of HopePens of Hope


Getting the pens and sending them to Miss N’s PO Box two years ago was a good experience. I don’t know why I didn’t write about it (the only additional mention of the project was in this post where I said I was going to ship out the pens), but it was a wonderful experience. Not sure why I didn’t send anything out last year or earlier this year. Bakit kaya?

But I am so glad that this Christmas, Miss N will be off to Bobon, Northern Samar to bring books to children.

Find out all about the project and how you can help at Nortehanon.

I hope you do more than check it out. Children’s books don’t cost a lot.

My little nephew is sick, read all about it – Get Well Soon, Amir!


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