From my Reader: Geeky Gadgets

My Reader is a collection of feeds from all sorts of blogs. I have scrapbooking blogs, mommy bloggers, tech bloggers, foodies, celebrities, and so much more. Today, let me feature a tech blog – Geeky Gadgets.

From its About page:

Geeky Gadgets is designed to provide up to the minute daily technology news on the latest advances in the technology sector including software, hardware and gadgets from around the world.

Geeky Gadgets features in-depth reviews on the latest devices with impartial coverage of the features and developments of new technology.

Many times I have learned of cool new stuff from this blog. iPhone accessories, cool new cameras, just to name a few. I’m pretty sure I’ve linked up to their posts a couple of times in the past.

They don’t always have long in-depth review articles though, which is actually to their advantage. It’s like they give out feelers and then link you up to relevant reviews. They hook you up on something and send you off. Haha Smile

I read Geeky Gadgets a little differently than the other blogs I’ve so far featured here on From My Reader. I have been following them a little longer than I’ve curated my Google Reader. So Geeky Gadgets isn’t there, instead, I subscribed to their feeds via email. And that works. I don’t read each and every post they have, but when I see a headline or a picture of interest, I click on it and read the whole post.

Today, there are two posts that got me reading:


The Eco-Amp Paper iPhone Amplifier. I have heard this before and even read how simple it is to make a paper ‘horn’ to amplify the sound from your iPhone or iPad. I’ve never tried it though. This paper speaker is made from post-consumer materials – recycled! And costs $7.99 for a pair.

Maybe I can attempt a DIY though. I’ll show Alfred and see if he can fashion one for me Smile



This rollup stylus also seems a good idea. It’s still in development, and the creators are raising funds via Kickstarter, yet another site I receive email updates for.

The pen can lay flat and adheres to the iPad Smart cover. Since my iPad is of the first generation variety, this is no use to me really. Smart covers were created for the iPad 2. I still have my Targus stylus and it is small enough to carry around everywhere (though I hardly ever use it really).

So anyway. If you want to keep updated with tech news and the latest gizmos, checkout Geeky Gadgets! Smile