Pieces of Me (Another Blog Train)

Here’s another freebie blog train for all you digital scrapbookers out there. No big preview though, but all the links to participating designers can be found here: Pieces of Me – DSF Blog Train June 2012.

Love the soft colors of the palette they played with this month:


Not my usual colors, but I like them anyway. Very fresh!

Here’s a tip about blog trains: take the time to say thank you. These designers are very generous. A lot of them make a living out of their designs but they participate in these freebie hops without asking for much in return. The very least we can do is say thank you in the Comments section.

When you do create something from the downloads, let them know. Link them up. I find that a lot of them would really go out of their way to see your layout. It’s a nice way to get some love back too.

Finally, so you don’t get overwhelmed with so much supplies, don’t download everything. No one ever said you had to download everything in a blog train. Although I must say, I took a peek at all the links and pretty much want most of it. Winking smile

Truth is, I’m trying to resolve NOT to download freebies. I hardly ever really do a layout and my stash is a disorganized mess. But I keep getting these freebies. I’ll use them someday, even for Project Life.

Now, probably the best thing to do to avoid downloading is staying away from the trains or from stalking designers. But it’s not just the freebies that I watch out for. I really love looking at all their creations and how they use it. And I love all the inspiration they provide. Some are even windows to even more beautiful things.

A lot of these creative people don’t only do scrapbooking and memory keeping, a lot are into crafts too, or baking and cooking. And someday, I’ll do all of those too. Haha. Anyway, I also recently happened to stumble on a project using Fossil Beads and that was the first time I’ve even heard of those. I guess time and nature really creates the most beautiful of things and each bead is probably unique. Interesting!