My Trollbeads

That investment I took home with me from Robinson’s Magnolia? Well I got myself a Trollbeads bracelet Starter kit:

trollbeads starter_thumb[1]

I got it as a way to celebrate my first time to go out malling in 3 weeks. I have been off work for three weeks while I get my herniated disc treated. When I go out, it’s only to the hospital for therapy. I’ve been to pick up my mom at the office too, but that’s just about it. This first outing was bittersweet. I learned that I still can’t go malling. My back would hurt after very few minutes of walking. Maybe if I can bring a stool wherever I go I can make it work. Maybe not.

Unintentionally, I chose a Murano glass bead that was the same as the one featured in their above ad. The Purple Stripes. The starter kit normally comes with the chain, a basic lock, and one Sterling silver bead. For this promotional, they threw in a glass bead for free (additional bead costs 1595 PHP).

Here’s mine (but it looks so much nicer in person):

It costs more than I’ve ever spent on any piece of jewelry. That’s probably because all I have are costume jewelry and very few are of gold, silver, or with real precious stones. No heirloom material, until now.

I plan on adding more beads to mark special occasions or events in our lives. I’ll also probably upgrade the lock someday. I’m also hoping this won’t be the only bracelet I’ll have from Trollbeads. I could either move on to another one, or maybe even get a necklace too.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time on the Trollbeads Universe site last night. They have a catalogue of their past and present designs there. Videos from their recent World Tour promotion are also posted.

They also have a Jewellery Box feature for customers to put together the beads they own. One can also personalize the name and description of the beads once added to your jewellery box. What a way to truly say that every story has a bead.

I love my Trollbeads and Alfred and I will keep adding to it Smile