the new Iphone 5

At 1AM Manila time, 9/13, Iphone 5 was revealed to the world. Right after the presentation, the Apple website was updated with this:


What’s new with the iPhone 5? A bigger display. Thinner and lighter. 8MP camera. Built-in panorama stitching. Photo stream with sharing, liking and commenting capabilities. Better low-light camera performance. A6 chip. iOS6. Turn by turn voice on the Map? Love! And Much more.

Do I want it? I do.

So I’m probably going to get this in 8 months time. That’s when my 2-year contract with Globe is up. It will be a long 8 months.

Apple didn’t change it too much, but there are enough improvements to make me really want to upgrade from my current iPhone4. Apple really brought their guns, and took out their tool belts to craft us the most amazing iPhone yet.