Scalp Breakouts

Who has never had acne? I think everyone who’s gone through puberty and adolescence know how it feels to have pimples. Some of us never outgrow it. No matter how good we take care of our face, there are unlucky ones who will always grow a pimple or two near their monthly period.

Pimples were never really a big deal for me. I got them, but they went away too. Maybe I have a pockmark or two from a couple of nasty ones, but the biggest scar on my face wasn’t from a zit – it was from when I had chicken pox at 13.

Now, while I try to recover from a herniated disc, have cough and colds, and a super stye that has finally drained out, I have acne problems to boot. And these are no ordinary acne.

Do you know how annoyingly painful huge zits are? How they seem to have a life of their own? How you are constantly aware of their presence, and there’s a tad of nagging pain all the time? Imagine five of those. On your scalp.

Ugh. I have scalp breakout. For the first time ever. And there’s so many of them I can’t help but complain. One is even in a position that makes it hard to lie on my back. Sad smile

So naturally, I Googled scalp breakouts to find out if this could be a symptom of something worse. Good news is, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Though there is no conclusive data, it seems stress-related. It could also mean that I have oily scalp (which is funny because I actually thought I had dry scalp because it’s also been flaking).

How to treat it? Some say laying off dairy products would help; not trying that because I don’t feel like I’ve had more dairy lately. Others suggest tea tree oil. I trust that suggestion, but our Body Shop small bottle of tea tree oil has run out already. I apply sunflower oil instead, from the Human Nature line. It seems to have helped.

I don’t think it’s necessary to get any special shampoo. I just need to keep my head and hair clean. And endure the pain. Some of them are drying out already thankfully. Based on what I’ve read, some people get it on and off for years. Hopefully this is a one-time thing for me. Please oh please.

So I wonder, why are all these health issues coming out all at the same time? But rather than spend time pondering that, I guess I should just be glad they are all happening now that I am on LOA, rather than one at a time. I just wish they’d all go away already, so I can start being more productive during this much needed time off. Productive as opposed to eating, sleeping, and watching TV. The only time I am out of the house is for therapy.

But no room for self pity here, I say, scalp acne be gone!