Le Petit Chaperone Rouge

Making videos or staging plays is a fun way to learn some things. I love this Olive.us production of The Little Red Riding Hood. You will too. 🙂 Narration is in French but they provided a side by side English-French text on their blog. And you already know the story, so you can surely follow along without reading it.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge from Olive Us on Vimeo.

My nieces and nephews are still on vacation, I wonder if they can be convinced to take on a project like this? Maybe not. Unless I drive them to it.

Speaking of summer. With the doc advising at least one more month of ‘taking it easy’ at home, I wonder if I’d ever get any swimming done? I don’t even dare think of going to the beach, just take me to a pool! If we had our own pool that wouldn’t be a problem, and I would also be browsing poolsupplyunlimited.com for whatever needs to be done…