Calling @SkyServes!

I love that I have Windows Live Writer up and running again because in times like this, when my Internet connection is so unreliable, I can write offline and post when the connection gets better. Smile

Sky Cable is our service provider for Broadband. Since re-subscribing to them a few years back we’ve had relatively good customer service – better than PLDT DSL. There have been downtimes but they’ve been quite responsive so we didn’t mind. But as of late, things have been getting crappy and crappier. Like our old DSL woes, connectivity seems to be slower every afternoon until early evening, every single day. We’ve called it in but nothing they do has helped. We even signed up for the 6MBPS trial because we needed help to decide whether to stay with Sky or switch PLDT Fibr. Things improved for a day or two, but it was either faster or intermittent connection. Who needs ultra fast Internet that was unreliable?

What holds us back from switching to Fibr is the high cost of that alternative service and our previous bad experience with PLDT’s DSL.

Perhaps Rowena of SkyServes has psychic powers, she gave me a call just now in response to my SMS this afternoon. According to her, there is a signal problem in our area but it was supposedly corrected on October 1. They did verify if our signal improved after their repairs and she says it shows that it still wasn’t the optimum speed we should be receiving. So whatever needs to be done, still has to be done and our 6MBPS trial will likely be extended at no cost to us.

If things don’t improve tomorrow, we’re to report back. So we’ll see.

Rowena is our dedicated CSR. Instead of calling the Sky hotline, we can SMS her. We haven’t always gone that route though, but of late it’s been more convenient. I was surprised she called on a Saturday, but thankful nonetheless.

So let’s give them another chance. What I hate about this whole scenario is that we don’t have a lot of options and we are left at their mercy. Although we are Globe postpaid mobile users, we can’t use Tattoo because signal is so low in this house. Sometimes I get LTE signal outside, but once I come in, even normal mobile signal is a struggle. Feedback for their wired hi-speed service is mixed so we’re not considering it. I don’t even know about SMART or SUN Broadband, but I doubt if their Wi-Fi sticks will be any better.

Who is your Internet Service Provider? Do you highly recommend them? Why or why not? Do weigh in!