It’s O Shopping Day!

Have you ever stayed up late at night with the TV just on, still tuned in to Channel 2 (or 8 on cable) way after the teleseryes, Bandila, and Banana Nights? Then you’re no stranger to O Shopping.

O Shopping is ABS-CBN’s own home TV shopping venture with a Korean brand. I can watch those advertorials all night long, and I must confess, I even tune in to Channel 11 at daytime. Haha!

I haven’t actually ordered anything but I’ve got my eye on a few things. If you’re like me and you’ve been waiting for a reason to finally purchase that shower head, or the Lock N Lock or Glass Lock set, today is O Shopping Day! 


What are you going to get?

I am not connected to O Shopping and this isn’t a paid post, nor am I using any paid links. I just heard about the promo and thought it would be nice to share. Smile