Crochet – Watch Me Go!

We’re only on the third month of the year and already I’ve got 4 completed crochet projects under my belt. Wowza! Watch me go!

Baby blanket for Bianca

I made two baby blankets. A blue, green, and gray chevron made with Dapper Dreamer Stardust. It was the first time I used that yarn and I loved how soft it was. I can imagine how it will keep Baby Ricky cool and comfy in our tropical weather. My second blanket is the one pictured above – pink, purple, and white for Baby Bianca. I made it using Ganstilyo Guru Milk Cotton Medium, another first time for me. This yarn was chunkier but I can imagine how soft it would feel around the baby.

It surprised me how quickly I finished those blankets. Both are gifts and I’m  just happy I finished the first one before the baby came out, and the second one within two weeks of starting it. I’d have finished sooner if I didn’t run out of yarn. More expert crocheters would probably finish the project in three or four days, but compared to my first three afghan projects, two weeks is super record time for me. I can foresee a few more baby blankets in the making this year.

While waiting on my yarn restock I started a slouchy beanie as requested by my husband. It was the first time that he had asked me to make anything for him so I quickly went to it.

Slouchy Beanie for the Husband

It’s custom sized for him, but I followed this tutorial from YouTube. I love how there are so many free patterns and even video tutorials available online! Here’s a photo of the husband proudly wearing my creation:

Badong's Beanie

Today I also finished my very first scarf! I started working on it while at a Management kick-off about three weeks ago to keep myself from nodding off while listening to presentations. I made good progress but frogged it a day later because it just didn’t feel right. I adapted this pattern but made my own additions, including the arch and picot edging which I had just learned to do for this project. This will be a gift for the boss’ wife. I hope she likes it.
Vera's first scarf

I love this hobby! Off to get started on my next project 🙂