9 Real-World Problems Only Dog Parents Fully Understand

Being a parent to a dog is pretty rewarding for most parts. However, there are certain challenges almost all veteran pet parents can relate to. Without offering any solutions whatsoever, here’re 9 real-world challenges only dog parents can fully understand.

Social Media Feeds Bombarded with Advertisements of Pet Products:

Ordering pets medical supplies and other doggie products on the internet directs a swarm of targeted ads. Your social media pages and Amazon suggestion lists are nothing but an endless gallery of pet products.

Dog Fur on Clothes Is an Inevitable Truth of Life:

What used to annoy you before now has become a truth that you have learned to live with. You have grown used to plucking out pieces of your pet from your clothes while at the office.

Planning an All-Nighter with Friends Is as Plausible as Going Unicorn Shopping:

Even if there is someone at home to take care of your dog, you imagine your pet waiting patiently at the door for you to arrive. This very thought keeps you from participating in stayovers and all-night parties.

Constantly Trying to Avoid Saying Certain Trigger Words:

“Okay, Max I know I said car, but we are not going out right now, alright!” Sounds familiar? As a seasoned pet mommy or daddy, you know what words you should never say when your dog is listening. When you say “outside” you better mean it.

Waking up at Night Realizing You Are Cramped for Space:

Did you ever wake up hugging the edge of the bed while your dog is all stretched out bang in the middle? It happens, it’s just something you have to live with.

Realizing Your Dog Is the King/Queen of Facial Manipulation:

“Give Me the Biscuit!” That’s exactly what your dog is thinking when it makes those cute faces and tilts its head ever so slightly. What’s worse is that you fall for it every single time.

Apologizing to People Because for Your Dog’s Obnoxiously Warm Welcomes:

Your dog knows how to stage a welcome. As long as you have a dog in your house you would never have to worry about your guests feeling unwelcome. The only problem, they sometimes may feel awkward when your dog jump-kisses them in their mouths. You have no choice other than sincerely apologizing and handing out towels.

The Realization After Giving Your Dog a Bath That You Forgot the Towel:

This happens more than you would like to admit. The worst thing is you only realize it after you and your dog is completely wet inside a towel-less bathroom. If somehow your dog manages a wet escape, you have no choice but to bring out the mop.

Your Pant Pockets Have Become Permanent Storage Units for Poop Bags:

Occasionally, when you put your hand inside your jeans pocket, out comes old receipts and a bouquet of unused poop bags. Your pant pockets have become a buffer storage unit for these bags.