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Pesos and Sense: The Social Cost of Investing

Filipinos are very social. Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino Psychology) identifies kapwa/pakikipagkapwa as our core value. This refers to community, togetherness. We hardly do things alone. Oh we do, but things make much more sense if we do them with others, or if the end result is for others.

That’s probably why Facebook is so popular in this country. They say 9 out of 10 Pinoys have a Facebook account. Not sure how accurate that is, I can’t find exact and accurate figures. FB allows us to keep tabs on our family and friends. Though we don’t even bother to text or call them offline, we can show our seeming concern over their affairs and well-being online. People I haven’t talked to or seen in 10 years are ‘speaking’ to me online.

But being social has its toll. When you see your friends posting photos of their latest gadgets, or photos of their recent getaways, you can’t help but WANT those things too. If you have a job, then you probably can afford it. But do you want to spend on those really?

Pesos and Sense featured this video in one of their episodes, and it was shown in yesterday’s seminar as well:


It’s true, deciding where to use your money can be a tough call. What are your priorities? What do you want for yourself?

Do I buy that electric guitar now and live my rockstar dream (even if just at home), or do I wait a few months or years? Am I good with my four pairs of shoes, or do I really need a red pair for that outfit I might wear at least once this year?

But the video also kinda makes it sound so boring. Can’t wise investors ever have fun? Can’t we have the good things in life right now as well? I think we can. It’s really just all a matter of planning.

Pesos and Sense: Make Your Money Grow


This hot Saturday afternoon, I broke routine and did something I don’t normally do: attend a  seminar that promised to help me MAKE MY MONEY GROW.


Oh the idea of growing my money! Last year, I got to read Bo Sanchez’ very short but totally eye-opening book: My Maid Invests in the Stock Market… And Why You Should Too! So I’ve been thinking about investing in stocks, but months later, here I am probably poorer than the day I read it. Thinking about it isn’t the same thing as doing it.

Then sometime this year, I caught a rerun of a Pesos and Sense episode. I liked their Facebook page after the show, but again, it didn’t take me any step closer to investing.

A few weeks back, I saw the above image on the Pesos and Sense Facebook page. Minutes later, I filled out the registration form. I paid the PhP 495 fee on Tuesday. I attended the seminar earlier this afternoon.

Am I any closer to investing? I’d have to say YES.

The seminar was held at the premises of Citisec Online, a brokerage company, at the Philippine Stock Exchange Building. At the back of the room, there were sign up forms, which were quickly snatched up by attendees. I didn’t get a single one. No biggie, they’re available online. Citisec is also the company mentioned by Bo Sanchez in his book. The presenter, Aya Laraya, is also affiliated with the company.

But this seminar isn’t specifically about investing in the stock market. Other investment options were discussed as well. What the presenter tried to do was give us basic information to help us decide where to invest. Before he did that, he of course made a quite convincing case for why it is wise to invest your money NOW, and why yesterday was the best time to do it.

Am I any richer for attending the seminar?

Hmm richer in knowledge YES. But I think I could have skipped this seminar altogether, only because I am already convinced that I should invest in stocks. I do recommend this seminar to those who need more info, or even those who are not yet decided on what is the right investment for them.

Would I attend other seminars? If it was more specific to investing in stocks, then yes I would! And they are cooking up more seminars, this is the just the first in a series. For COL, Aya Laraya also holds seminars twice a week.

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