Re-runs, shopping, and Oreo Truffles

I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen it, maybe at least three or four times, yet when I saw it on cable yesterday I just could not walk away from Reese Witherspoon on Sweet Home Alabama. I just love watching that movie.

It’s the same way with A Knight’s Tale. I’d seen it so many times that I know exactly what will happen in most scenes. Yet when I see it on TV, I drop everything to watch. Well, okay, maybe not everything. But I do watch.

What is it with me and watching movies over and over and over again? Oh well. It’s my time I’m wasting anyway…

October is gearing up to be a wonderful month. We opened it by doing some shopping! Haha. SmileI had not been to the Megamall in quite a while (possibly in a year!) so I was itching to go checkout the new stores, specifically Forever 21 and Payless. I had no intention to shop really, I just wanted to checkout the merchandise. Well, we shopped anyway. (Pictures to be added tomorrow). I got these fashion earrings (there’s another pair that the boyfriend and I agreed on, but I’d save that for another day of shopping):

A scarf like this one, but of a solid purplish gray color:

And this black ribbed knit skirt:

I kept telling the boyfriend that it would look good with the pair of plain boots/wedges also from Forever 21, but he wouldn’t hear any of it! Haha 🙂 I couldn’t find a photo of it from their website, but Alfred also picked up a nice knit sweater for himself. He shopped too! 🙂

There was this particular pair of Comfort Shoes Plus flats at Payless that I contemplated on getting. It has a 945 pesos price tag (just right) and it was very comfortable and would have been sensible shoes to wear for work AND shopping. But I decided against buying it.

I don’t regret that decision, specially since seeing the uber comfy ballet flats from Gap. They don’t look anything special really, I’d probably have passed them without so much as a second look if I wasn’t already looking for them. Celebrity Mom Pia Magalona tweeted a few months ago about finding the most comfortable flats at Gap and I’d just been curious since then.

So I tried on a pair, and immediately understood why. It felt like walking on carpeted flooring, but with the assurance that you can use it on a real road too. It’s foldable and even comes in its own little tote. I want one. The only downside is the huge price tag. It’s hard to justify the expense. There’s this other pair of shoes that’s in the same price range that I’m eyeing to buy from an online seller that’s well known for her very stylish shoes. This other one is a pair of high-heeled pumps with embellishments (sparkly). I can totally use that at work, or hopefully even to the next wedding I’m attending. Although I’m still reluctant in shelling out the cash for it, it feels more justifiable to spend such an amount on those, than on the Gap flats. Sigh.

On happy news though, we’re back in oreo truffles business! Orders are coming in pretty steady. I do prefer to bake cake and cupcakes but am too lazy to do the costing for those so I haven’t been able to offer them up. Seriously, when I try to do costing, I fall asleep. It’s happened twice already! My plan to sell at the payday bazaar was foiled too as there were no food stalls last weekend, and for the rest of this month. What a bummer.

Ooohh, have you been Between the Covers lately? I received two new books for review from BookSneeze! (I also just finished a book so a new post will be up soon!)