101 in 1001

Oh, it’s just a list

In July 2012, I decided to take on the Day Zero challenge, and managed to share a (partial) list of 56 tasks (should be 101) to be completed in 1001 days. If you’re curious as to what tasks made it to the list, check this 101 in 1001 post. I will be updating that to reflect which ones I already got to do.

The list is almost six years old now and it’s more than double the 1001-day timeline originally set to accomplish all the tasks. Today I look back at the list and realize that based on what made it to the list, there are some things that changed, while some remain the same. And that’s how life goes, right?

Going through the list feels so much like #ThrowbackThursday. It reminds me of how things were, back then:

  • I was missing baking, and was still dreaming of a full-time home based baking business.
  • I was still very much into digital scrapbooking. Although truth be told, I was more of a hoarder of supplies and a stalker of galleries and wasn’t doing much actual scrapbooking.
  • We loved photography. I guess we still do, even if we don’t use big cameras anymore and just use our phones, even on vacation. But now, I want a new camera (or a better camera phone)! 🙂
  • Sewing and quilting is something I was interested in, and still am.
  • Crochet didn’t make it on this list 🙁
  • Reading is LIFE. My pile of books keep getting higher and the to-be-read list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Then I felt worried. Doesn’t my list seem filled with trivialities? Was it reflective of the life I was crafting?

Yes, and Maybe.

Yes, at first one might think the tasks are trivial and so simple. But that’s the nature of the challenge – to be simple and clear enough that you can actually do them. So that’s not such a bad thing.

But does it show what kind of life I was creating? Maybe. I think at the core are all those things I want to have in my life. But I probably didn’t approach list-making from that perspective. I didn’t start with – what kind of life do I want and what do I do to get that? I just made a list.

The Good Life

Essentially, we all want a good life. But our definition of a good life might not all be the same. What is that for me? In all the busy-ness of life, am I still making sure that the steps I take are leading me to that life? Is the way I am living right now already part of that life? Because it should. The good life should not be a faraway concept. Not something to envision only for our future selves. We deserve it now.

Of course, oftentimes we find ourselves in a place we never would have wanted to be in. Things don’t always go as planned, or wrong decisions were made. Rather than staying stuck, we must take consistent action aimed at breaking away from those situations. Easier said than done. I’m not in a very bad place – just not exactly where I always thought I would be (even that keeps changing) – yet I’m still not very consistent at taking action. What more if one was in a terrible situation?

Wow. I did not see that thought bubble coming up when I started this post. But I’m pretty glad I went there.

10 of 100

Learning to Knit

Since I saw their campaign on Kickstarter, I’ve thought often about the Ricefield Collective. They’re doing something that really amazes me. They are promoting their craft, teaching women, and also providing them with a means to take charge of their lives. Cool beans!

I wasn’t able to support them in Kickstarter, but I talked about them to my parents and the boyfriend, and I would have told friends about them if I wasn’t in the hospital when I learned of them. Hehe. I need their kind of passion in my life. Deep down in my soul I know I want to be a creative, and to be one while helping other people in a very concrete way, that would be the dream job for me.

Then CraftMNL posted about Ricefield Co’s KickStarter campaign, and setting up a class with them. I knew I wanted to be in that class! I would love the chance to just be in the same room as these women, AND I also really wanted to learn to knit. I almost missed the class, I signed up only two days before the May 11 class, as soon as I saw the schedule up on CraftMNL’s workshop page.

Soon as I sent in my registration, I flashed back to the Amigurumi class I attended at their workshop in December 2012 (where I learned to make this). My next thought was: I won’t be able to climb those steps to the second floor workshop without assistance! Good thing the afternoon class was held on the first floor, no risk for injury. 🙂

Alfred had work until just before lunch time Saturday, and again the next evening, so asking him to come along was out of the question. The task of taking me to and from Makati was left on my parents. I was so glad when they said yes! I really am a spoiled old baby, haha! I was joined by three young girls in my class, and our instructor Anna from the Ricefield Collective flew in from the UK just a few days prior.


We got a printed canvas bag, DK yarn enough for the project, lovely new knitting needles, and all the stuff needed to complete our finger puppets.

learn2knit kit

It seemed so simple but I made mistakes and my stitches didn’t look perfect at all, haha!


But I learned how to cast on, cast off, and on again. And enough moves to finish my Tarsier finger puppets when I got home:


Anna mentioned that as they were campaigning for Knit4Life and the Ricefield Collective they used finger puppets because they were fun, and also it can be used as you show the K sign with your fingers. Since making this one, I made another one in a smaller size, and an even smaller one for little Amir. It’s not a puppet to him though, more like cozies for tickle fingers – to use for tickling grandma and grandma! I can imagine they’re good for taking selfies sporting a peace sign too, but I haven’t got around to do that. 😉

I am looking forward to more knit and crochet projects, but right now I’m still working on my ripple blanket. Meanwhile, Ricefield Co is up on the mountains of Banaue working with women on their handmade knit products. You can follow them on their adventures via Twitter – @knit4life, and Instagram – @weknit4life

No More Hurting People

Speaking of peace, I came across this campaign on Indiegogo today:

A lot of us wept for little Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the Boston bombing last month. This group is raising funds by producing shirts printed with Martin’s peace artwork from school. 30% of the proceeds will help the Richard family, while 70% is for One Fund Boston. This is a really good way to spread Martin’s message of peace, and also help the victims stay strong.

So long, September

September went by like a blur. I have pages on my planner that were not written on.

Recall that I have had to go on leave while I undergo therapy for my back. It meant missing three weeks of September. I only left the house to go to the hospital. But I can’t say that it wasn’t time well spent.

Just as I say “So long, September!” I also say Thank You for:

  1. 12 physical therapy sessions. And getting acquainted with treatments and machines. One of which is this Ultrasound therapy machine:
  2. Time to read five books from cover to cover. Revolutionary Road. The Return Journey. Dear John. Certain Girls. Evening Class.
  3. Time to watch a lot of TV. I discovered and rediscovered shows I hadn’t had time to watch. One of them being Jane by Design.
  4. An opportunity to be treated like a baby again. My parents have been very supportive while I recover. No chores, haha. And at least one or both of them have brought me or picked me up from therapy. They also made sure I got my hot pack whenever the pain got too much to ignore. They made sure I ate and took meds when needed. Thank you God for my parents.
  5. My first Trollbeads bracelet.
  6. Books. I spent way too much on books at the Manila International Bookfair. And I don’t care. What makes it more memorable is that I went there when I was still NOT able to walk too far. Alfred was very supportive. Thank you God for Alfred.
  7. Becoming a godmother to Baby Sab. And seeing my friends Arianne and Y again so soon after the last time.
  8. Mayeen and Angelo’s first born Andrei. Looking forward to meeting that little cutie in person.
  9. Still having a job to go back to. And a new appreciation for having a job.
  10. Being liberated from pain. When August closed I was miserable. I was in so much pain. There was some pain in September, even a different kind of pain brought about by the breakout, but I choose to remember the gradual healing. Discovering that I could walk faster, and straighten my back more. That I could sleep lying down without getting uncomfortable. Freedom from excruciating pain. I never ever want to go back there.

There’s probably a lot more I should be thanking September for. There’s also a lot more that I would have wanted to do but didn’t. But I’m not complaining. It was the time for rest and recovery and I did just that.

How was your September?

Crazy July

July was a crazy month! I wish I could say that it was because I had so much fun celebrating my birthday the whole month, but it’s mostly because things have been super at work. And when I mean SUPER – it could mean both good and not-so-good.

The highlight of the month has to be my birthday. I didn’t get the family picnic I had wanted to celebrate this year, but that’s okay. I had my family with me and all is well. There was this crazy idea of taking our growing family up to Tagaytay for a nice picnic. It would be a nice outing for our Beloved Prince, I’m sure he’s missed running on grass.

Why didn’t we go? Dad went on a business trip to Barcelona that week and his flight back was due in that Sunday afternoon. It would have been a logistical nightmare to get him to join us in Tagaytay in time for dinner. Another consideration was the weather. July has always been a wet month and this year was no exception. The creek overflowed two Saturdays in a row, including on the day before my birthday. Picnic on the grounds while raining? No can do.

This is how it looked outside our gate on July 21st (photo courtesy of my cousin Che):

july21 flood

In July I also went a little crazy with the shopping. This year I’ve been a little better when it comes to prioritizing what I spend on, but with everything going on, I think I felt like I deserved some retail therapy. Christmas in July indeed!

That’s my Super Sale Bazaar loot. I didn’t get to do a reveal post (I still might!), but that big paper bag held Alfred’s gift for me this year:

The other bag held my Erzullie finds. A plus-size brand was the last thing I thought I’d discover in that big bazaar, but it was a welcome discovery indeed. I went home with a peplum skirt, a plain blue blouse, and flattering blazer. Hello outfit!

Before the month closed I had spent time with two friends with dragon babies in their bellies. We also attended a bittersweet reunion with old work friends. I had read two books, and even got to see movies (read all about them in Between the Covers). I also had a haircut, but two hours after the salon visit, my hair looked just like the way it did before I went there.

I had blogged 56 goals for my 101 in 1001 challenge. Not proud to say that I haven’t accomplished any of them yet, though this is the beginning of having a monthly review on the blog. SmileDropped 171 comments all over the blogosphere, 29 short of my 200 comments goal.

Before the month ended we also received fantastic news: Alfred has been promoted to the Team Lead role! Yay boyfriend! I am very proud of him, and wish him all the best in his new role. Of course, I’ll be here to help him in any way I can.

What were you up to in July? Link me up on your round up posts will you? Smile


The first day of August isn’t even over yet, but it’s already shaping up to be another amazing month. Looking forward to much more.

101 in 1001

Today I am happy to embark on this challenge of accomplishing 101 set goals in 1001 days. Today is Day Zero. Or today is Day 1001. Haha. Whatever. Be sure to read that post to understand what this challenge is all about.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

Update – 4.19.2018 – crossing out tasks I already accomplished. I have a follow up post here

  1. Start and finish the online HomeEc (Sewing) class I signed up for months and months ago.
  2. Relaunch my baking and pastry home business.
  3. Redesign and declutter my blog.2015
  4. Organize our photographs
  5. Organize my digital supplies
  6. Project Life Wedding guestbook, 30 Days of Thankful, Pinto Art Museum mini-book 
  7. Have a monthly backup day – online and offline
  8. Edit my closetDone in previous years, but needs to be done again. 
  9. Finish my TBR pile (this will be a big challenge as it continues to grow) Probably NEVER gonna happen!
  10. Edit my book collection
  11. Build an emergency fund
  12. Connect with friends regularly (set a date with a friend/s each month)
  13. Make breakfast for the family
  14. Cook dinner for the family
  15. Declutter my Pinterest
  16. Organize the bedroom
  17. Get our bedframe replaced or repaired
  18. Setup a creative space at home
  19. Setup the book swap website
  20. Close one (or two) of my credit cards
  21. Put in at least 2.5 hours of exercise time each week (beginning next week), and maybe increase it after a few weeks
  22. Get a regular massage (frequency to be decided later on)
  23. Have a once a week shake or fruit juice only day. I had my daily green smoothies 2013-2014
  24. Make time for getaways, no matter how simple, near, or far (once every 3 months?)So maybe we’re not doing it quarterly, but we are definitely taking time off for vacations now.
  25. Setup Analog days (how often?)
  26. Cultivate my love for photography (determine how and execute it)
  27. 1 full week of getting to work early (versus not late)
  28. Then two weeks
  29. Then a full month!
  30. Go to two places I’ve never been to before. Jose Panganiban, Cam Norte in 2014, Coron, Palawan in 2015
  31. Travel to another countryThailand 2017, Taiwan 2018
  32. Edit my Reader
  33. Sign up and attend a class/es (could be culinary or baking school, or even a make-up class!) Haha not those classes, but I did a Basic Knitting Class, Amigurumi, and a virtual assistant/work from home Class.
  34. Grow my portfolio
  35. Do a monthly review blog or layout
  36. Create my dream board 2016
  37. Take my car to the carwash every Monday
  38. Organize our living space (this will take a lot of planning)
  39. Send happy holiday cards every Christmas I participated in the Trollbeads Christmas Cards exchange for two years, maybe 2012 and 2013?
  40. Organize a vacation for the whole family Las Casas 2013
  41. Do something to help cultivate Alfred’s photography hobby/business
  42. Draw up a financial plan
  43. Make the wedding happen 12-13-14
  44. Watch at least one theater play/musical per year
  45. Have a no-spend month.
  46. Do a baking challenge (determine what the challenge is and execute it)
  47. Get involved at Church (determine how, at what level, and do it)
  48. Cleanout our pantry
  49. Reorganize our kitchen
  50. Make a ‘baon’ plan and execute it!
  51. Make green smoothies and healthy smoothies a part of my day
  52. Make a quilt
  53. Participate in Ali’s Week in The Life, or make my own
  54. Determine an exciting or busy time in our life and do a mini book on it
  55. Find a cable for the GF1 Lumix
  56. Make a career move (up or out)

Okay. So I only have 56 goals so far. Nonetheless, today is Day Zero. Smile

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