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Beware when Taking a Cab!

I heard from a friend yesterday, but I was nursing a very bad headache so I didn’t really understand what her message was about until a few hours ago.

She was robbed by a taxi driver and his accomplice:


She is okay, according to her message, and she just wanted to share the link to the news piece. I said I was glad she’s okay but that I couldn’t load the video so I didn’t know the details. Today I got to see the video, and I am horrified!

I’d taken taxis to and from work at odd hours and one of the things I was fearful for was exactly this kind of modus-operandi. No matter how careful we are, it can get difficult at times. I am just very thankful for her that she had the sense to remember the plate number, and that police acted swiftly and apprehended the thugs on the same night.

I laud my friend for being brave and not letting the bad guys get away with what they did. Others would have given up and just gone home. I want to hug her and reassure her. And to greet her an advanced happy birthday.  But I’ll see her very soon.

To every one else, please stay safe, and beware. Call your trusted cab companies like World/Cord.  Or use that app for iOS/Android called Grab a Taxi or something. I know it’s no guarantee, but it’s a start.

It’s official: iPhone 5C – For the Colorful

In their September 10, 2013 event, Apple officially released the iPhone 5C, along with the launch of it’s more expensive and sleeker sister – the iPhone 5S. Having upgraded to the iPhone 5 almost nine (9) months ago, I’m not too excited about this launch.

I won’t be missing much by not upgrading this year. Buti na lang.

But that is not to say that I don’t like the new iPhones. Even with all the trash talk around Apple copping out by opting for a plastic build, and the choice of candy colors, I actually like the iPhone 5C.

If I didn’t already own an iPhone 5, I’d consider 5C. Of course, I’d probably end up with a 5S, but I’d consider it. If I had a younger sibling still in school that I owed 16 years of presents for – I’d get it for her in time for Christmas. Good thing I don’t have one.

Why let Apple rob me of my hard earned money?

Critics say that only the dumb-witted would fall for the 5C when there are better Android handsets at the same price range – or cheaper. Well that’s not what I’m looking for – I don’t get excited for every Samsung or HTC launch. I am happy with my iOS handset and only look for upgrades every two years or so. Users of the iPhone 3G/4/4S would likely be happy with this.

Who else would the 5C be good for? My Mom.

But the iPhone 5C is still expensive.

Obviously, C is not for CHEAP. With very similar specs to the iPhone 5 (Yugatech has a comparison table), the 5C is priced at just about $130 dollars lower than the 5S. Therein lies the problem. When targeting ‘emerging’ markets, price points are  just as critical as design. The 5C might be good enough for existing users of older iPhones, but not affordable enough to convince the uninitiated to give iOS a try.   

Smart is Sexy

The video of Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards went viral earlier this week. He received the “Ultimate Choice Award,” and decide to dish out some ultimate advise:

>> Opportunities look a lot like work.

>> The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart

>> Build your own life.

Wise words. Really, wise words. If only the audience could stop for a second and really listen. Seriously, it was a great message, but the young ones in the live show wasn’t ready for it. Good thing social media is keeping the message going, so even the young girls who couldn’t stop to listen then can just watch the videos over and over, and then hopefully pick up a lesson or two (or three).

For many people, it’s not easy to talk about building your own life. It is a lot easier to conform – to just fall in line and do what’s been done for a very long time. No one ever said that going with the flow was a bad thing. As for myself, I’m still defining the life I want for the future. I think I’m living a good one right now, but what do I really want for the rest of time? 🙂

Gilas Pilipinas!

The whole country is still celebrating the Silver Medal finish of Team Gilas Pilipinas in the recently concluded FIBA Asian Championships. Nakaka-proud talagang maging Pinoy!

Team Gilas Photo courtesy  of InterAKTV

Team Gilas Photo courtesy of InterAKTV


I didn’t actually get to see the final match. I saw a few minutes of the first half, but then I dozed off to the land of nod. Ha! When I was a lot younger, like maybe highschool, I dreamed of becoming a girlfriend or wife to a professional basketball player. Kasagsagan pa yun na nanunuod kami ng PBA games on TV regularly, and we even went to see a Ginebra-Alaska championship match in Cuneta Astrodome. Maybe that was in college? Anyway, I’ve never been athletic, and I had very little interest in playing sports so I would never be a good match for a player, haha. I could be a great fan and cheerleader though. Pwede? 🙂

I just remembered that because they show the wives/GFs of the players on the screen during these games. I’m pretty sure they’re so proud of their partners. Tayo nga na taumbayan lang so happy for the team’s achievement eh, what more their families and friends? 🙂 Anyway, I’m just sharing this so I have something else to say than congratulations to the team. 😉

Congratulations again to Team Gilas Pilipinas! You achieved your goal of qualifying for the FIBA World Cup, and of giving glory to your country. Until the next game! 🙂


There’s an App for That

Since switching to an iPhone4 over two years ago, it’s been hard to imagine holding any other mobile phone – smart or otherwise. I loved how it felt in my hand, there were apps I’d gotten to use on a day to day basis. I was online and connected whenever I wanted or needed.

When our two year lock-in period expired and the iPhone5 was offered to us with a minimal fee, we didn’t think twice about upgrading.

Though I’ve only had my white iPhone 5 for close to six months, there have been so many smart phones released that really rivals it. Better cameras, bigger HD screens, cheaper alternatives. I did have a crush on the Nokia Lumia but it was nowhere serious  that I’d dump my beloved phone.

And then via Geeky Gadgets I see this video of life-changing apps on the iOS. All the more reason to love.

Smart phones and smart apps really can alleviate quality of life when matched with the people who need them. Of course, the phone and the apps may not be that affordable for the marginalized Pinoy, but just knowing that this can happen for someone else out there, we can hold on to the hope that we can make something like it a reality for our reality too. Pinoy phone brands have come up with their own low-cost Android smart phones. Many iOS apps have their Android counterparts, perhaps the life-changing apps can too. I know that there are many talented and smart Pinoy developers out there who will see a need for something, and have the passion to make the app for it.

I’ve also become more and more interested in integrating both my phone and my tablet to make me more efficient in life. This, unfortunately, still remains to be seen. 🙂

Alfred and I are also looking forward to the release of iOS 7, bringing with it a new color scheme, and a whole new look to the icons and apps. Iphoneography is bound to be even more interesting with built in filters. The new Notification and Control Centers also look to eliminate a few swipes just to get to specific things or settings. Going through the various active apps will also be easier. Check out all the new features on the official iOS7 page.

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