Crazy Ideas

I haven’t felt well in what feels like a long week and a half. Yesterday, I skipped what would have been my 7th shift at work for the week. To some that would seem like a nice way to get in three days for my weekend, but in reality, all I did was sleep and complain about how sore I feel etc. etc.

This morning is actually the first time I’ve felt good in days!

Yesterday afternoon, I forced myself out of bed because of Crazy Idea no. 1: I wanted to see Yeng Constantino in concert at the Aliw Theater that evening. I had to see if I could muster the energy to go the event before committing to it and buying tickets.

First off, we drove to an ATM machine. Then to Pag-Ibig near GMA-EDSA. Alfred got off and paid for my overdue loan payment while I waited in the car. I was hoping we’d go buy tickets after that, but sitting in the car didn’t do me any good – I actually felt more sick and somewhat nauseous. But I could still drive.

Next stop was early dinner. Yesteday’s choice was Jay-J’s Inasal in Timog.

We had Bulalo, one order of wings inasal, and ensaladang mangga. It was good! No photos of the food or the place though, just this crazy photo of badodong wondering what his cup size is (aka Crazy Idea no.2):

Photo Aug 05, 5 28 38 PM

Hilarious no?

Jay-Js in Timog pretty much has the same setting as their Ortigas branch. They had very minimal décor, just plain tables and a bench indoor on either side. In Timog, they have an outdoor section at the back – that’s where all those people disappear to! I’ve always wondered how the place could accommodate a big crowd (judging by the number of cars parked outside). Now I know. So yes they also have outdoor furniture bench. That’s also the smoking section (although I’m not sure if they still let people smoke given the new laws on smoking). In Ortigas (I had breakfast there with a colleague last week), they have a small outdoor area up front.

Despite having a wonderful meal, I still wasn’t up for any concert. I regretfully decided to give up on seeing Yeng in concert. The problem wasn’t in keeping up the energy for the concert, but for the drive home.

Rather than driving around in the sunset which was the initial plan B for the day, we headed straight home. But we didn’t really go home right away, we had the iPad with us and decided on an experiment.

Photo Aug 05, 6 30 05 PM

We parked outside the house and set up to watch a movie IN the car! Free movie, free aircon. We didn’t have flowing popcorn because we weren’t ready but that’s totally something we’ll do for next time. We didn’t finish the movie though (Inception, haven’t seen the whole flick until now!) because it actually felt stupid to be home but not be home. Haha. But it’s a fun new idea for movie date night, don’t you think?

Rio 2014

While watching the game tonight, Alfred up and asked if we could make it to Rio in 2014 for the World Cup. No, he wasn’t asking about the Azkals making it through. He meant us. Can we go and watch? Well why not?

We’re going to need a lot of coin banks to save up for that! Smile

So it’s really sad that the Philippine Azkals didn’t win over Kuwait. Even that amazing goal by Stephan Shrock wasn’t enough to keep the boys going for more. They played well. We made a lot of attempts at goal but the Kuwaiti defense was tough, and so was their goalie.

Tonight’s home game was a far better game than the last one. Too bad we couldn’t pull off a miracle. We could have at least won the second leg though. Still, nothing to be ashamed of. The boys fought well. It’s that coach I’m not too sure about. Hahaha. Smile


(Image linked to source)

There are variations to the Azkals logo, but this is closest to the one I actually like. Alfred wouldn’t let me buy an Azkals shirt though, hahaha. He’s not a fan, or maybe a closet fan. He doesn’t like it that the Azkals is dominated by Fil-Europeans. I keep telling him there will be more homegrown players because the sport is gaining ground in the Philippines. It takes time.

Anyway… The Kuwaitis must be partying now, sharing their Black and Mild cigars around. Well they deserved to win. They were pretty solid as a team and they worked hard. The Philippine National Team must have learned a lot from competing against them. For that, kudos to Kuwait.

So, will me make it to Rio in 2014? Time will tell. Smile

11 years old

This is my nephew Adam when he was still a tot. That’s the boyfriend holding him. 

Adam turned 11 years old on Saturday. That’s how long the boyfriend and I have been together, plus a few months. Wow.

My nephew didn’t recognize himself when we showed him the original photo. The boyfriend, on the other hand, didn’t want to acknowledge that this was him.

As a project, we’ll take another photo of them in this same pose. I’ll post it in The Newbie Photographer if and when it happens. Smile

Uncle Cheffy

Apparently, the real reason why the boyfriend was late for our Friday itinerary was that he was so drunk. After I left for work at 2am, he hooked up with friends for a round of drinks. When he walked towards me at the mall that afternoon, I could see he was still drunk.

No, it was not a hangover. He was still drunk. How did I know?
> The way he talked. Not slurrred speech, just fast and a bit excited.
> How he moved
> His smell (he didn’t reek of alcohol but there’s that nice hint of it)
> How he was sweating
> His being touchy in public. 😉

The day before, we had a big lunch at Max’s. We talked about the need to regulate our food spending, and the need to eat less and eat wise. If we couldn’t prepare our own lunch, we’d buy from the stalls at the back of St. Luke’s instead of eating out.

Guess what? Because he was drunk, he had wanted another big lunch. And because I wasn’t feeling well, my conviction easily went out the window and I agreed.

That day’s restaurant of choice was one we had never tried before: Uncle Cheffy.


Now, it’s on the list of our favorite places to dine at.

20110322-063006.jpg 20110322-063009.jpg

We ordered their Asian fried rice, and their specialty dish Mediterranean barbecued ribs. The ribs were served with greens on the side and baby potatoes. There were two sauces as well – a special barbecue sauce (I didn’t ask what it was called) and the chimichurri that I so loved.

The chimichurri was a sort of pesto sauce in olive oil and a concoction of herbs. I liked it with the veggies, the potatoes, and even on the ribs. If they sold it in bottles I would have bought one. I asked, they don’t.

The whole time we were eating the boyfriend was commenting how he loved the food and that we should come back. We loved it so much we ordered dessert.

20110322-063014.jpg 20110322-063738.jpg

The two cakes we had were heavenly! I got the Chocolate Roulade while he ordered Uncle Cheffy’s cheesecake. Yum!

The only thing that wasn’t quite okay was the wait time for the bill, and then again my two debit cards not working with their swipe machines. It took so long it allowed my headache to creep back in. The boyfriend eventually had to go out and withdraw from an ATM because I didn’t want to use credit. But other than that, we love Uncle Cheffy and we will be back.

(Uncle Cheffy is on the first floor of the Ali Mall. There’s an entrance from the outside walkway fronting SM. It’s next to Gerry’s Grill (or The Old Spaghetti House))


It was Friday, around normal people’s lunch time, the boyfriend was off work and I was trying to wrap up the remaining tasks for my own workday. ‘Why hasn’t he asked me yet if I was ready to go?’ I wondered. I called him after several unanswered BBMs and SMS. He was fast asleep.

I couldn’t just go home – had no more cash on me and I had given him my ATM. He was supposed to take Zune to the vet for his annual checkup and booster shots. I only had enough for my fare to work and a midday meal. The itinerary was supposed to be:

> Take dog to the vet
> Pick me up
> Lunch
> Get Zune
> Go home

He found an excuse – the groomer wasn’t there yet, not until 1pm. OK. Work was only until 11am and though I always stayed an hour or two extra, that day I felt I had to leave early – this was day 2 of my headache downtime. When he finally said that he had taken Zune to the clinic (All About Pets) and was on a cab to Cubao, I stepped out, grabbed two Hopias from the cafeteria and went outside to wait for him. After 10 mins of waiting (it was better to wait there because the cold temp in the office was making my headache worse), I decided to go inside the mall.

It could have meant additional spending for me (disaster!). In the past few months, I had noticed how the Plus size section at SM Cubao had grown. There are more brands now, better selection, and they didn’t all look like clothes for matrons. 🙂 This section was right on the first floor, from my entrance I’d go past the watches, turn right, walk about ten paces and voila!


This was where I got my first ever BBD last year (for obvious reasons, I can’t call it a little black dress could I?). There were a lot of nice tops on display, and there were printed shirts on sale too. If I wasn’t hungry, or didn’t have a headache, I’d have tried a lot of stuff on.

Thankfully, the boyfriend arrived before I could do any swiping with my credit card. I had shown him a shirt I had taken a fancy to – he liked it though I don’t own anything in that color (pale yellow), but the saleslady would have to check for the size I needed. I didn’t have time for that. So bye bye butterflies on a pale yellow shirt!

I love how there are so many choices available now for my size, and they’re age appropriate too. But even so, I must not remain comfortable at this size. I am obese, not just curvy. Although I do not think I will ever shop at a non plus size section, I can be a 12 or a 14 instead of an 18 or 20. I can be just as proud of my curves without the health risks of diabetes and hypertension hanging over my head everyday.

Though plus size clothing has just become more fashionable, not being healthy has not. I must not lose sight of that.

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