I want coraline

Since seeing the animated stop-motion (amazing!) film Coraline, I can’t stop thinking about how I want all stuff Coraline!

I want an actual plushy, or the doll spy for the Other Mother, but these bendy ones are nice to look at too:

Coraline Dolls

And this set, although with the same outfits, has more interesting facial expressions! (Read the review on these dolls from Captain Toy):


This one you can’t take to bed with you:

Coraline Doll by SushiLuvZombie


Sigh. I want Coraline collectibles! I won’t shop for them, but if I see them in local shops I probably won’t be able to keep myself from buying! Hahaha.

Seriously. I want posters and miniatures of stuff from the film. If they had advertising flags or teasers I want those too. Have you seen the variety of teasers they had to promote the movie?

Oh and checkout Coraline.Com and have the circus mice do one like this for you Smile



Anyhoo. So much for a random post from me.

Willing Willie & Child Abuse

I was a kid in a time when the world realized how important it was to protect children. In 1990, the UN and its member states ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child. That year was also the beginning of my being a child rights advocate. UNCRC is already 20 years old, I wish I could proudly say that I’d been a CRC advocate for the same number of years, but I could not. Sadly, when I left NGO work about 6 years ago, much of my advocacy stopped too. I don’t even remember the facts anymore.

Of course I hadn’t intended it to be that way. If anything, I thought that allowing myself the freedom to live a different life would afford me more free time and resources to be involved in other child-focused advocacies. I was wrong.

I’d like to think that I still carry it in me, that in some way I am still an advocate for children’s rights. The recent issue of Willing Willie and the accusations of Child Abuse thrown against them has reawakened that spirit.

The issue has gone the rounds of social media sites for over a week. I have reserved my comment though my blood boils every time I read or hear about it. For awhile, I resisted viewing the video of the 6-year-old – being contented with the description of how he was in tears as he danced for the crowd. I could already see him in my mind, and I could hear Willie’s voice prodding him on and adding more drama to what already was a very sad scene.

I refuse to post the Youtube video of the kid on my blog, I will not even tweet you a link to it.

Call me OA (over-acting), but I sincerely believe that leaving that video online for all to see is just the same as telling the boy to keep on dancing his sexy macho dance. It’s no different from what Willie, the production team, the network, and even the audience, did to the little boy. We take a stand against child pornography right? Saying that mere possession and viewing illicit content is a violation of the child’s rights. Well I say the same about the boy’s video.

But I did watch it. I saw the 1-minute video that was shared on Twitter. It was enough for me to form an opinion. I do not wish to see it again, and I do not think others need to watch it.

* The boy was crying as soon as he started dancing. Whether he was crying out of fear of Bonel Balingit (a towering giant who happened to be at the show that day), or out of humiliation for what he was being asked to do – he should not have been made to continue, much less repeat the dance. He could have cried out of stage fright and not because he was ashamed, nonetheless, he should have been asked to stop. Does he really have to dance? All he needs to do is answer a question correctly in order to win a prize. Yes, he might have joined up and said that his talent was dancing, but if he changed his mind and was suddenly all too shy to do it in front of millions of people – then he shouldn’t have had to continue.

* Last night, the boy and his family appeared on the show. I refused to tune in and watch. Whether the family intends to file a complaint against the show is irrelevant. Protecting the child’s rights is a State duty. Violation of children’s rights, Child abuse, is a crime. Just because the parents don’t know better doesn’t right a wrong.

* I do not understand WW’s and TV5’s apology.  Neither do I accept it. There was no admission of wrongdoing. In fact, they have been trying to salvage the host and the show’s reputation. The timing of the awarding for their 7 millionaires and its feature in Paparazzi last weekend is very suspicious. TV5, and all other networks, should come up with very clear guidelines on children and minors appearing in their shows – whether as actors or show contestants.

Maybe we’re barking at the wrong tree. Willie has done other things that were met with public outrage and he has gone away with it. He earns 80,000USD a day doing Willing Willie (source: Cristy Fermin, Paparazzi 3/27/11). No doubt he feels that he is untouchable. Writing to TV5’s president is probably not going to work either – after all, Willie is currently the most bankable star in their roster. Would they risk losing him the way ABSCBN did by attempting to discipline him? I don’t think so.

But the advertisers should be different. It is their money funding the show. They should demand more from its hosts and from the network.

The Town

I’ll see you again, this side or the other.

I saw this movie on DVD the other day and I truly enjoyed it. I expected dull moments because there wasn’t much hype around here about this film (and I honestly don’t remember it having been shown in local cinemas) but I also expected a decent plot because it came highly recommended by a colleague who loves watching movies. He was much surprised that it was Written and Directed by Ben Affleck. He did a splendid job, if I may say so.

The setting: Charlestown. The bank robbery capital of America. The protagonists: the bad guys – a band of bank robbers. It doesn’t help that characterization for the FBI isn’t one you would empathize with. My loyalty was definitely with the bad guys. The redeeming factor? Doug did genuinely want to leave it all behind.

While watching I couldn’t help but wonder if there really was a place in Boston called Charlestown, and there is. The locals (predominantly Irish-Catholic) were called Townies, and there were Tunies (also mentioned in the flick) who later on came in to populate the place as well. Apparently, there also was a time in its history when Charlestown did have that reputation for being highly concentrated with bank robbers, but that is a thing of the past. Like most other neighborhoods, it is populated by good people with a bit of the bad.

Here’s a photo of a street in Charlestown (source):

Apart from the awesome action scenes (car chase, gunfight, robbery), what was notable in the movie for me was how there was not much judgement for the robbers themselves. If anything, there was a sense of awe and respect for the way they planned the heist, along with the brilliant execution. For the most part, they seemed like normal people who had family and friends. Normal people who have had to deal with their own blown out personal issues. Funny how the streets of Charlestown actually felt safe even when you knew you were among criminals (as if I actually walked their streets :)).

I will have to say that even though some of the plot elements were predictable the treatment was fresh, and there were still some unexpected twists.

The film is based on a novel, can’t wait to lay my hands on that too.

Check out the trailer after the jump.


Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things 2010

Who hasn’t been envious of Oprah’s audience on her annual reveal of her Favorite Things? I know I’ve been jealous of the luxurious freebies since the first time I saw one such episode on TV. This year’s list is even more amazing, what with it being the last season of The Oprah Show, that’s not a big surprise. You can head on over to Oprah.Com to check out the full list, but here are the ones I’d specifically LOVE to have from there:

Hope in a Jar -

I’ve heard of this product before, in fact I’ve read a lot of positive reviews for Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. And I keep checking back at the Beauty Bar if they have it marked down so I can finally get me a jar. It is a little too pricey for the average person, but I heard it said that it is all worth it. Maybe I’ll have my first jar next year. I am happy with the moisturizer I currently use (Myra E), but we all deserve a little pampering every once in a while and it wouldn’t hurt that it will make us look more presentable. If I do get a jar, I probably won’t use it daily anyway. 🙂

Le Creuset -

Oh this would be wonderful to have! The Pioneer Woman has had several giveaways featuring this brand of cookware. Now if only I actually cooked.

Miraclebody Jeans - Oprah.Com

They say these jeans will instantly make you 10lbs lighter, I want one! I want the skinny version, specially since my one and only skinny-looking pair has given up on him. The zip’s broken and I haven’t had time to take it in for repair.

Jessica Leigh Diamond Earrings - Oprah.Com

I don’t own any diamonds and this would be a wonderful first pair, if ever I do get to own one. Very elegant, classy, and doesn’t scream – KIDNAP ME I’M WEARING DIAMONDS! 🙂

VW 2010 Beetle - Oprah.Com

We were once Beetle owners and so, this VW model will always have a soft spot in our hearts. But if the old Beetle was the people’s car, these modern ones have become too expensive for us common folks. The silhouette for the 2012 Beetle looks exciting, and looks more like the original version. The audience members are so lucky to be getting one for free!

Baker's Edge Baking Pan - Oprah.Com

No more worrying about getting the perfect edge for each individual brownie!

Netflix - Oprah.Com

How I wish this was available here. Is Apple TV available in the Philippines? If we had this, maybe it’ll keep us Pinoys off torrent sites that don’t respect Intellectual Property Rights.

Royal Carribean Allure of the Seas - Oprah.Com

I’ve never been on a cruise and would love to be on one. I wonder if the boyfriend would entertain an Asian cruise for honeymoon?

Sony Bravia 3d - Oprah.Com

As Oprah put it, it’s definitely a Wow-er.

Tory Burch Tote and Flats - Oprah.Com

Tory Burch flats, I’ve heard, are ultra comfortable. A pair of these would send me to heaven, and the tote would be a nice bonus.

It’s also wonderful that Oprah encouraged those who received her gifts this year, to also give. The DonorsChoose Gift Card from Bing.Com and the Kiva cards are precious!

DonorsChoose - Oprah.Com

Kiva Gift Card - Oprah.Com

Oh well, at least I do have two things from that list: the iPad, and the Scrabble app for iPad. Haha! 🙂

*All photos in this post are courtesy of Oprah.Com

Emma Geller-Green

Does the name sound familiar? For Friends fans, it will definitely ring a bell. She’s Rachel’s and Ross’ baby girl 🙂

I ran a search on the term “having a baby” because I wanted to write about preparing for my nephew’s arrival next month (SIL is due on December 18, can’t wait!). The YouTube video that came up on top of the Bing search results was a video of Rachel giving birth (watch in Youtube, embedding has been disabled). Funny how I don’t remember seeing that episode, nor the one where they celebrated Emma’s first birthday. And I thought I’d watched every Friends episode. Maybe there was something missing in my DVD or I’m really just that forgetful.

I almost teared up over Emma and Friends. 🙁

My SIL’s friends at work and her team already threw a birthday shower for her so the baby has pretty much all the things he needs when he comes out. They will also be buying him a foldable crib soon, I hear it costs about ten thousand pesos (pricey!). Now what shall I get for our baby boy? I have no idea! I’ve been so used to buying random things for my nieces and nephews (thru cousins) but I’m at a loss for what to get for our coming little angel. Ugh. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

We haven’t locked in on a name yet. Viktor Ethan? Dan Viktor? Vlad? Vito? Hay.

I also have no idea what kind of parents they’ll be. I mean, are they particular about the baby’s things? Like would they prefer organic stuff and do they check lead levels on the plastic/rubber products they’re getting. Will they be getting formula or will it be breast milk all the way?


All of a sudden I know what I’m going to get them! Woohoo 🙂

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