Sunday Morning TV

Since waking up this morning, I’d been seated in front of the TV enjoying Sunday morning TV while also blogging and reading tweets.

Matanglawin with Kuya Kim

Today was Kuya Kim’s first day back after having a heart operation. It was an episode for reminiscing the two years of Matanglawin. He talked about his favorites, and explained a lot of things behind them. Like the story of his infamous hat, his favorite shoes used for the show, and even his trademark short pants.

Kuya Kim is really the trivia king. In fact, when we were stumped for the scrambled letters of the word reception and couldn’t guess what it was, my instinct was to tweet him! Haha. πŸ™‚

Next week, they’ll be showing the procedure done on Kuya Kim, the first time it was ever performed in the country. I’m looking forward to that.

After Matanglawin, they showed Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin in Sigaw. I’d seen it already and wasn’t much interested in seeing it again so I pretty much just flipped channels back and forth. I tuned into to ShopTV for awhile, even to a movie with the Pacman on GMA (Dad insisted!). We only really settled again when it was time for the ASAPXV opening number. The gorgeous men of ASAP were at the lobby of ELJ! Right where I could have been had I still been working in the building, haha. It would have been time for a break and I’d be headed down just at that moment! Wahahaha!

But the opening number didn’t have the ooomph that most other ASAP opening numbers have. Maybe it’s the fact that they weren’t singing live. I wish they’d stop pre-recording their songs because they don’t need too! All of them are wonderfully great singers and performers. They should be insulted that they need to pre-record. If an artist can’t sing, then don’t make them. Just have them dance and we’ll still watch them πŸ™‚

How’s your Sunday morning viewing?

Eraserheads Limited Edition CD Set

I tweeted about this Greenwich promotion several times, and have told anyone willing to listen how much I want to own this set. If you want it too, it’s still available from Greenwich, but only until end of October. So better hurry!

As for me, no need to rush anywhere. I own one already!

One day in October, upon learning that there was no lunch for us at home. I had a long phone discussion with the boyfriend about what to order. Will we buy from a carinderia across the creek? Will he buy from somewhere in Makati? Should we order in? Notice that there’s no “shall I cook anything?” option. I don’t cook, in case you’ve forgotten. When the idea of ordering in was entertained, I had to make a case for Greenwich. Maybe it was time we start getting stamps for the Eheads set. Hmmm… Nah, it might be too late and we won’t have time or money to complete the six required tickets. So the boyfriend offered to split the costs with me, and just to go with option B – Eat and Own, Instantly!

In a little less than an hour after calling 5-55-55, we had these:

I picked the Hungarian Sausage and Bacon overload:

It came with four large drinks, and two servings of yummy spaghetti:

Which means I forgot all about watching my carbs intake, all for this:

All for the love for these Fab Four of the Philippine band scene:

In the box is this colored zine, that’s like a scrapbook of sorts with lyrics and photos:

And this shirt:

Which is so small it will not fit anyone living in this house, not until Diane give birth to her baby:

I’m thinking if we’ll give it away as a prize this Christmas, or keep it.

And of course, the 10 digitally remastered CDs:

They’ve been singing to me while crushing, mixing, balling, and dipping. πŸ™‚ I’ve also loaded all ten albums onto my Blackberry so I can listen anytime. Haha. And remember the closet Eheads fan? Well he’s got them loaded onto his iPod, and he listens more than I do!

The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2

The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2 premiered last night at Diva Universal (formerly the Hallmark channel).

We like watching it, my mom, dad and I, because you get to pick up some weight loss tips. The show’s really quite inspiring for people like me who struggle to lose weight. They’re definitely bigger than me, but they manage to exercise! I just wish I had the trainer to keep pushing me, and the kitchen crew to make sure I ate nothing but healthy food too. Β πŸ™‚

The show’s website also has resources to help those of us at home who would like to lose weight. There are tips, and an online club. From there you’d also find a way to sign up for a 7-day free trial for a Fitness First club near you. There’s one in our office building, in fact, I used to go there many many years ago. It’s just a tad too expensive and not very effective for me without a trainer.

The show’s premiere would have been a good time to launch my health blog. Oh well, too late for that now.

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy

This week’s TCP theme is favorite Morgan Freeman movie. Now, I can’t pinpoint a specific favorite, so instead or racking my brain about all of the movies I’d seen with him in it, I figured I’d feature a Morgan Freeman starrer that I’d like to see.

It’s Driving Miss Daisy!

It would be interesting to see how Miss Daisy and her driver Hoke developed their friendship in the 25 years that they have driven together. I think it really isn’t impossible to suddenly realize that another person has become a friend, we find them in the most unexpected places, and at unexpected times.

What’s your favorite Morgan Freeman movie?

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Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black

For the first time, I’m joining in with TCP!

With a Brad Pitt theme, how could I NOT join? My all-time favorite? There’s actually two of them. The first one is The Mexican with Julia Roberts. The boyfriend and I have a favorite quote from the movie that we kept passing along to each other each time we switched phones.

“If two people love each other, but they just can’t seem to get it together. When do you say (or when do you get to the point where) enough is enough?” “Never”

But this TCP post is for: Meet Joe Black!

I just can’t ever get tired of watching this movie. Brad’s smiles can melt you on the spot! πŸ™‚

It’s the story of William Parrish (Hopkins), a media tycoon, who finds out that he is about to die. How does he know? The grim reaper himself, borrowing a young man’s body and calling himself Joe Black, has come to get him. But Joe, for once, gave Mr. Parrish time to set his affairs in order. He was given time to prepare for his death.

How many of us would get such a gift? Not many. Mr. Parrish was very rich, apart from his companies that will continue to run and earn for his family even after his death, he probably has a huge insurance too. I’ve no doubt that years before he even started getting sick, his advisers have already compare term life insurance plans for him to pick out the best one. Unfortunately for many of us, we are ill prepared. Maybe we don’t have the resources to prepare for how our family will survive after we pass away. But more than taking care of the finances, the other aspects are more difficult to prepare for.

For Bill Parrish, he was more concerned about his daughters and making sure they are in a good place in their lives as he goes away. That’s more important than any fortune he has.

But the movie is not morbid at all, it’s not all about death. It’s also about finding love in the most uncommon circumstances. Before the grim reaper took possession of his body as Joe Black, the young man had a chance encounter with Susan (Claire Forlani), Bill’s youngest daughter. They had a connection, and almost could not walk away from each other. Sadly, that’s what actually led to the young man’s temporary death. Imagine her surprise when he showed up for dinner.

Imagine the grim reaper falling in love. And not being greedy enough to take Susan’s life too. And to bringing the real person who owned the body back from the dead, so they can continue with the love story. I wonder if they do fall in love?

Anyway, go see the movie yourself if you Β haven’t yet. πŸ™‚

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