Elephabet. Toppers. Rock on!

I cannot promise that this post makes complete sense. It all started from searching through my blog archives for a Halloween 2011 photo (there’s none). We may or may not have our annual Halloween party on Wednesday night, see. And to convince myself that it needs to happen, I wanted a memory of last year’s bash. Couldn’t find one. What does this frantic search for photos remind me of? The need to catalogue my photo files. Stat!

Since photo organizing is still an art I have yet to master, I will leave that for yet another day. So this search led me instead to the Bunny with a Toolbet store in Etsy. The owner put her book and crafts project on Kickstarter last year and I was really interested in it. I went back and forth about sponsoring though until the fund was completed and I didn’t pitch in at all. Now, I still want to buy the book, and maybe a few of her pieces.

Here’s how the Elephabet book looks like. It’s also available on Amazon.

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



Apart from the book, I’m also thinking of getting an original Elephant that she made just for this project. But then I her Wedding Topper Elephants!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



This pair is my favorite, I think, but I’d also love it in purple!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



My ideas for my own wedding changes constantly, but there will always be cake. Any of these pairs would be welcome on our cake!

This character grabbed my attention too, rock on!

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



So then my thoughts flew to other things. Like the best soundtrack for my wedding. That’s always been a fun topic. We wanted Pinoy band scene. Which rock band would do a wedding gig though? Haha! But any show band would take on a Pinoy rock theme, I think. But wedding plans are still, up to now, quite vague. We know we want to get married, but we’re so tempted to just elope and surprise everyone! Although, we do want to throw a nice big celebration dinner for all our friends and family who have witnessed our love story so far. It would be a nice thank you for everyone who have been part of our journey so far. Diba?

There’s no one title, or set of keywords that is perfect for this post. See how I’ve jumped from one topic to another? halloween kids books wedding rock music acoustic guitar pickup musicians friend. No cohesive key word. SEO nightmare! Haha SmileI don’t care!

So to close this post, this is what the musician’s friend above reminded me of. I had to search for this video in my blogs (old and new) just so I could grab it and share. It’s not the Halloween photo I was originally searching for, but it still has my nephew and nieces in it. This was taken 5-6 years ago. Our little rockstars with their badminton racket/acoustic guitars! Enjoy!


UP Pep Squad–#UAAPCDC2012 champs!

UP PEP SQUAD UAAP CHEERDANCE CHAMPS 2012 Collage by Verabear | Image credits: InterAKTV/Roy Afable and Spin.Ph/Jerome Ascano

Collage by Verabear | Image credits: InterAKTV/Roy Afable and Spin.Ph/Jerome Ascano

The University of the Philippines Pep Squad has defended its championship title for the UAAP Cheerdance Competition held Saturday, 9/22/2012 at the Mall of Asia Arena. They were bold and semi-bald as they executed their routines and stunts in front of a crowd 19,000-strong.

This year, as in years before, UP sets trends. They had moves that no other squad used, showing that they are still a step ahead of their toughest competitors. Last year it was pixie blondes and Madonna; this year, they WOWed us by strutting to the floor with their androgynous look and semi-kalbo hairstyle. From afar, there was no distinguishing between male and female performers.

FREEDOM. The squad’s routine celebrates the freedom we have in the University to be what we want to be, look how we want to look like. Even the freedom to break gender barriers. The Oblation was also a symbol they used: standing tall and proud, free. Truly free, to truly serve.

In 1998 we were Freshman Iskas who screamed our lungs out cheering for the UP Pep Squad. We were so happy then with a 3rd place finish. Of course, they went back to Araneta to claim the top spot the next year, and the year after that… And every year since then, I remained a fan.

You don’t have to be from UP to be a fan. Just look the young men and women of the UP Pep Squad and tell me what you see. Athletes in their own right. Experts. They aren’t just out there to dance and tumble on the floor. They are passionate. They are skilled. This is what sets the UP Pep Squad apart from everyone else. This is also why we, the fans, are so confident that every year they will not disappoint.

So once again, thank you UP Pep Squad for bringing the UP community together (young and old, black and white). Thank you for once again making us proud. What’s next? Smile


I tried posting the video from ANCAlerts of the winning routine, but somehow even copying directly from Youtube renders the Ateneo vid, so here’s the link instead:

The Piano Guys–What Makes you Beautiful

Last night, as I surfed through blogs on my feed, I stopped for awhile to watch this video on LivE Design’s blog:

And I was amazed. Watch it.

And I remembered all the hours I spent learning to play the piano.

I want to play again. Though I will never be this good, nor better.

So add getting a piano to my bucket list. Wait, I don’t even have a bucket list.

Freebie Find: Photo Templates

I haven’t used on in a while, but I photo templates for blogs are wonderful things. Here’s a set from the newest addition to my RSS Reader – Pugly Pixel:


The Photo Templates come with Fabric (texture) labels too. I look forward to using them on the blogs. SmileDownload them here. (Photo credit goes to blog owner)


So today is another lazy day. It’s middle of the week but I was off work last night. Why? I was at The Cranberries concert! I absolutely love their songs, love the band. Sitting at our Upper Box seas at the Araneta sent me through a trip back to my highschool days when I first heard those songs. Dreams and Linger were the first two songs for the night and they are my favorites!

Alfred couldn’t get time off work (I was pretty bummed about that) but my cousin Nikki kept me company. We were almost late because I slept until 7PM (left work at past 1PM), but we made it to Araneta by 8PM. There was no front act performer, it was straight to the main show. Don’t remember what time it actually started, probably around 830PM. We didn’t mind the wait.

After the party, we stopped by the table where they were selling CDs. I got me their all-hits CD as well as their new album, Roses. Can’t wait to get those loaded on my iPhone. Listening to them with these Sennheiser CX400 in-ear earphones would be great, yah? Too bad I don’t have those. Very tempted to get them on sale from Yugadeals.

I Instagrammed photos straight to The Newbie Photographer, not much but something to check out.  Smile I tried to send them real-time but 3G signal wasn’t good for me at the coliseum, so those were sent after the show.

We arrived home around 1AM. I dozed off on the sofa and maybe an hour later got the beginnings of a nasty headache. In the morning it was full blown. I threw up all the contents of my stomach without even getting any breakfast in. Sad smileI only started to feel like myself again at lunch time. So yeah, wasted a day.

Also wanted to share that I got a new case for my iPhone over the weekend. One that lets me carry my security badge too. It looks like this, but mine is in a darker, old-rose. Click the photo to buy one for yourself.

iphone4 cardcase

Love is a Battlefield

Today is video day on Where the Moon Shines. Yes it is.  Smile

First up is a Pat Benatar video from the ‘80s, Love is a Battlefield. The movie 13 Going on 30 was on cable again this afternoon and I watched it, again. I also watched it last week when they showed it. I couldn’t NOT see it. Haha!


This song was a theme song for Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner). She and her 13-year old friends sang and danced to this video during their slumber party. It was seen on this scene here:


image source: Hollywood Jesus

I realize that the movie probably isn’t for everybody, but I honestly liked it. I’m a nice person, see. Smile

Now the second video for today is actually an Ikea vid I saw from Patty Laurel’s blog. It shows many options for maximizing small space. I need this. We need this!


Amazing isn’t it? But I must admit, it takes a lot of creativity to achieve this. I wouldn’t have thought of all those possible configurations on my own. And I doubt if I could still recreate it without the aid of a professional. Ugh. We need a room makeover. Or if we eventually move to our unit besides my brother at San Benissa, we definitely could make improvements there. This is definitely an inspiration. Smile

Seen any good videos lately? Link me up! Smile

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