Extra Cash for Movies

This showed up on cousin Nikki’s timeline an hour ago:


My thought bubble – I can so relate. Same thought while I was watching the Oscars.

There are so many good movies, but it’s so expensive to see all of them at the cinemas. You use up gas driving there. Parking fee. Lunch/dinner OR drinks and popcorn. And the cost of a movie ticket – wow. PHP 140 to PHP 220 for regular screenings, double if it’s iMax or 3D.

Because of the cost, we thought we’d just see a few movies on the big screen and wait til the rest come out on DVD. As it turns out, we miss the DVD release most of the time. Or, even if we already have a copy, we don’t get to watch it. Thanks to cable, I get to see some of the good movies I missed – a year later!

The movies is something I’d spend my extra cash on. But what’s extra cash? Where does that come from? In my case – online earnings. Yes, I make money online. But that’s not news is it?

Okay, so my blogs aren’t necessarily cash cows, but I do get a few dollars from sponsored posts every now and then. The thing that makes that plausible for my blogs is that I setup my blogs out of a desire to write and share. Earning from blogging eventually just happened. I don’t even remember if I first got offered ads and links or if I signed up with ad networks. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t invest time and effort on my blogs first.

So there you go, tip number 1 for making money online (via blogs): Develop your blog first. Content drives traffic, and traffic attracts advertisers.

Which leads me to tip number 2: Socialize. I don’t just mean be on Facebook or Twitter. Those definitely help, but reach out to fellow bloggers. Engage in their blogs and they will return the favor. Engage with your readers and respond to comments. I love comments (which is why I challenge myself again to leave at least a hundred of them on other blogs each month) and hope I get more, but I understand the lurkers too. On some days I write something that will just be so compelling and readers will comment, on most days though, they’d just breeze through. And that’s okay.

Apart from sponsored posts, link and banner advertising is another way for blogs to earn. I remember receiving an offer for a very simple text link on my sidebar for Where the Moon Shines. I got paid 100 USD for that. That was the biggest one time gig ever. I don’t get offers like that anymore. So sometimes, I think back on what I was doing right on my old blog and it always brings me back to tips 1 and 2. I should always remember those two.

Anyway… seen any movies lately? I posted some of my recent films at Between the Covers.

Sarah G. Live – Pilot Episode 2/26

Music Monday entry is at the end of this post Smile


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Sarah G. Live! aired its pilot episode tonight (February 26) and it was a great show!


I was lucky to catch it because I’m still on RD today. Ric swapped Sunday for my Friday off because he’s going somewhere next weekend. He didn’t really ask for it, I actually volunteered. What with the picnic, the bikes, and seeing Sarah G. Live!, I daresay it wasn’t a bad choice for my part. Smile

We were out for lunch and only came home at dinnertime so I have no idea how ASAP was without this young superstar, but seeing her production numbers, I understand why she had to leave the Sunday afternoon show. She gives her all in every performance, and it would be so tiring to do so many!

Love the set and the costumes. Not so sure about Luis as the co-host yet, but he’s a good host. Billy would be a good choice but then again, he deserves his own musical show too.

Mom and Dad were watching tonight, and Dad was commenting about Sarah being comparable to Adele. He was wondering aloud why she hasn’t broken through an international career, and I still think someone should write her better songs (since she’s not a song writer herself).

Anyway, for Music Monday here’s a vid of her cover of Adele’s Set Fire to The Rain (not on the show):


Okay, I am not yet closing this post after all. I just had a light bulb moment: I can totally do a full time gig starting a blog (and maintaining it) for celebrities and companies I like, and NGOs or organizations too. They can send me materials and I’ll just write and publish them. I can go to their events and cover like a reporter. I’d take photos and maybe learn to make videos, and put them up. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

But who am I kidding? I can’t even supply enough consistent content for all of my blogs. You see, it’s not just enough to setup a domain, and choose a webhost. Real quality content is still key. So don’t worry, I won’t be starting a fan blog for this young star, or for any other star for that matter. Smile


Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the ACTUAL LINK POST here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava’s Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.     PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Sarah G. Live!


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Since last Sunday, we’ve been seeing teasers for Sarah Geronimo’s new music variety show. She follows in the footsteps of LoveliNess, Superstar, VIP, and The Sharon Cuneta Show!

Sunday nights are tricky for me because I have to be at work earlier than usual. I’m torn between getting a few hours of sleep, or going to work without any sleep. When this show starts, it’s going to be even trickier. Yes, I’m going to watch and see what she brings!

I really think that songwriters should give Sarah upbeat and danceable originals. She does them so well – powerful voice and great moves. That’s the key for an even brighter star for her, and it will make her conquer Asia and the world. Alfred would probably say that she’s no J.Lo because she lacks the sexy factor, but what the hey, she has talent!



Saw a link to this article on my Twitter feed. Scientific explanation of why Adele’s Someone Like You is such a tear-jerker, and a bestseller.

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



After reading it, I had to listen to the song again. Plugged my iPhone to the PC and now I’m listening to the Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall CD. 

I’m not a true blue Adele fan – yet. I haven’t heard and memorized all of her songs. Before 2011, I think the only song of hers I was aware of was Chasing Pavements. But I really really like her. If she comes to the country and I don’t have moolah for concert tickets, I will be so disappointed, haha! But seriously, that Someone Like You is one heck of a song. I would love to learn to play it on the piano – if I ever get to play again.

So anyway, Adele’s concert CD was one of those five albums I splurged on last month.

Photo Feb 11, 11 57 41 PM

Bamboo’s No Water, No Moon | Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall | Zia | Anne Curtis Annebisyosa | Noel Cabangon’s Panaginip


That is a splurge because I don’t usually buy CDs. I just listen to what Alfred has, or what my brother has. My Daddy’s the one who buys CDs all the time, but I don’t. Oh and these albums I got are all original – no pirated CDs. Smile

I think I’m finally going to start a music collection. The CDs have been ripped and loaded on my iPhone so Kuya’s gone and taken them home. But I’m sure he’ll keep them safe. He’s got to bring home Noel Cabangon’s CD though because we got a two-CD pack and Alfred only ripped the one CD that contained 4 Christmas songs and not the actual Panaginip album. And I wonder where my Johnoy CD is? His entire album mysteriously went missing from my Itunes library, and I want it back!

Do you buy music CDs? What was your last purchase? Who are your favorite artists?

*This post was drafted several days ago when the article came out, but mysteriously stayed in draft in Windows Live Writer. I must have neglected hitting the Publish button!

Varekai & Incubus

These are two foreign acts coming to Manila in July. We want to see both. Since Alfred heard about Incubus’ coming here, he’s asked me to go. Since I noticed the Facebook ad for Varekai, I’ve wanted to go. It sucks that both costs a lot, and are happening in the same month.

Do you set aside a specific amount of money for entertainment each month? It’s just that we’ve been to the movies three times in three weeks, and all trips involved eating out as well. There have been dine outs in between too. It’s become really expensive.

I’m planning on a No Resto Week. I won’t eat in restaurants this week. If I have work, I’ll eat in the pantry or bring food. When we get home, it’s either home cooked or my Dad provides it. Or we’ll buy ulam from a carinderia. If my colleagues invite me to eat out (specially since it’s payday week), maybe I can convince them to pay for my meal, haha!

The money I’ll save will probably be able to pay for the cheapest ticket to Varekai for one person. I hear steiner binoculars won’t be necessary even with the lowest priced seat – the venue is intimate enough that everyone has a good view of the performers. Cool!

Alfred isn’t too sure about Incubus anymore, so that’s one expense we won’t have to shell out for. Smile

Why do I want to see Varekai so badly? It isn’t just the hype, nor is it because all the IT crowd go to see it. I’ve always wanted to see the greatest show on earth, and Cirque du Soleil promises that. I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, seeing them perform is definitely going to be on it. A trip to Vegas isn’t in my near future, so them coming to the Philippines is a chance I just do not want to pass up.


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