This is the phone I am gushing over:


It is priced at 12,500 PhP (around 14k at the Automatic Center where it’s available at 0% interest for 12 months intallment). It is not too far from the range of prices of previuos phone I’ve had save this current Sony Ericsson W360i. 

I almost gave in and bought it (on installment) yesterday. But I don’t really want to be spending all my money away when I’m supposed to be saving instead. 24 hours later, I still find myself lusting after it although I must admit, reading the reviews while hunting for this photo has almost got me to think twice, thrice, about this phone.

I’ve withdrawn some money from my Paypal account and that is due to be transferred to my account any time now. I’m also expecting payment for the PDA we sold to Alfred’s cousin really soon. With that money, I have more than enough for an E63 and considering that I can sell my current phone, there’d be enough money to keep. Still, I can keep that money to eventually buy a new oven (that has been pending since end of 2007!) or a DSLR even.


Kuya went to San Benissa on Monday morning to bring the lighthing fixtures and locksets for our units and he saw them already starting with the partition. Yay! They should be done by the end of next week. I can’t wait!

Because I have Sundays off again, I got to watch the show Urban Zone again. Watching that show is kind of a bittersweet experience. You get to see all the beautiful spaces they create, be it in a townhouse, a condo unit, or a big big house. But you also realize how much money they have, and how much you don’t. So last Sunday, they featured the house of a couple whose kids already have families of their own. There are 3 or 4 levels to that house which overlooks a golf course.

There is so much space in that house for entertaining. Their foyer? It can actually be used for a dance floor or they can put tables and chairs there already to serve food! There’s a lounge just for listening to music, and there’s a separate entertainment center/home theater! I didn’t count how many rooms they actually have, or how many LCD TVs, but the TV wall mount they have in the master’s suite swivels so that you can watch from bed, but also turn it 180 degrees and watch from a lounge/sitting area inside the suite!

Anyway, the furnishings aren’t very intricate but the house itself is quite state-of-the-art, with everything being controlled through the main panel as the security system. You don’t see a lot of those in homes in this country.