Cake Mania 3 – stuck at Day 11, Egypt


I cannot get past this level in Cake Mania 3! See that Anubis to the left? When he appears, he changes everyone in the queue to mummys, and their orders change too! So I get stuck with cakes that no one wants anymore 🙁 I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve retried the level and yet, all I see is this:


See how sad Jill looks? That’s exactly how I look right now. Waaaahhhh! 

I’ve had Cake Mania 3 from Real Arcade Games for awhile now but I’ve only recently attempted to play. I am done with two other ‘worlds’ so this is the third and I am stuck so far. I’ve tried all the tricks I’ve kept up my sleeves, every tactic I learned from playing previous versions of Cake Mania, and I have so far failed to progress from this. I will get you you Anubis you!