Windows Live Writer

Let’s see if this will work.


I’ve tried Windows Live Writer before and blogged a few posts to my Blogger blog some time last year. I read somewhere that there’s a plugin for WLW that will allow me to backup recent blogs? I’m not so sure about that yet, but that would really come in handy when it comes to real-time backups.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to work on my Project 365 posts, but other things online have distracted me from the task. Hence, I only have this one ready to post:


That’s Day 8’s photo right there, taken while both Alfred and I were on our way to work. This was one of those rare occasions when our shifts started at the same time so we left home together. I was walking fast behind him to capture this image. On the first try I hadn’t enabled night mode on the camera so it was too dark. This one though brighter, my hand wasn’t so steady hence the shaky effect. Haha.

I am up-to-date with the photos, and I am happy about that. I really hope that somewhere in the next few weeks I’ll see significant improvement in the quality of my photos.

Okay, it didn’t work too well. It posted, but the formatting was so far from perfect and I had to edit it on my Admin panel. :(