My Elba Range has arrived home

We were expecting it, but not as early as it arrived.  There was no electricity (as is always expected when there’s severe weather conditions) so we were outside enjoying the cool wind and the light drizzle (versus the heavy downpour just prior and then again after that time).  I also took it as an opportunity to socialize with my cousins, and the kids too 🙂

Then I heard someone at the gate asking for me, I knew right away who they were! They came in a truck, bearing a big box with my name on it. Labelled this (Italy’s Finest, it says):


Because they came earlier than expected, we hadn’t cleared space for it in the cooking area yet. So we just asked the delivery men to set it somewhere without opening the package before they left. This old love was still in it’s original place of honor, though we’ve moved it already when this photo was taken:


We’ve had this oven for seven years, and got it for less than a third of the price of the Elba.  If I remember correctly, our earnings from baking (mom and mine) paid for the monthly installments then. We’ve had some good times, me and this oven. It was the first I ever had and for awhile, it nourished my love for baking.  I haven’t used the oven for over a year.  I hated that it doesn’t have a proper thermostat, and that you had to turn the knob from high to medium for specific intervals just to achieve the right temperature.  Whatever happened to leaving the muffins to bake for 20 minutes while you move on to something else? That was impossible.

But – the La Germania served me well.  The goodies that came out of it brought smiles to many people. I expect to have a longer journey and a more regular bakeoff with the Elba this time. 🙂

It still works, by the way, though it probably needs a good cleaning. I’ve offered it to my cousin at a very very low price, but she hasn’t decided yet.  I’m not sure if I want to sell it to anyone else if she decides not to take it.

So how did I end up buying an oven on Tuesday?  I’ve always wanted to.  I had my eyes on a bigger model actually, one that would’ve cost more than twice as much as the one I ended up getting.  But I just never had enough money.  Whenever we go into an appliance/electronics store, the boyfriend and I would check on three things – DSLRs, TVs, and ovens. Last weekend was no different.


We saw this on Sunday, and decided that it’s all gas sister was perfect for us.  Sunday was the first time I checked my ATM after the last payday and I was overwhelmed by how much money I had available. I got my leave conversion, and anniversary bonuse see. 🙂 Rather than slowly see that money go down on clothes, shoes and food, we decided it was better spent on something big. Something significant.

And something that can help us earn on the side 🙂

But the final decision happened on Tuesday after somehow consulting mom, and discussing finances with Alfred (will I be able to pay my bills even after I splurge on this? Do we pay half in cash and half in credit? Do we do installments?).   Even at the mall, walking through the aisles of the Appliance Center at The Block, I was asking Alfred if we were sure.  We could get a 17-inch LCD/flat screen TV for a lower price.  I could buy a Samsung Pixon.   Or an Iphone.

But this baby won out.


So there it is in it’s permanent home. Thank you boyfriend for setting it up for me, and cousin Mice for helping to lift it out from it’s box.  We couldn’t test it today though because the hose to the gas tank is too big.  I can wait a few more days. 🙂