Wishes Granted

As in any prolonged absence from the blog (last post here was 11/26, is 8 days considered a prolonged absence?), I have accumulated quite a trove of photos and fond memories that go along with each. Just as much as I am excited to tell them stories, I am also anxious about keeping my photos safe. I should seriously consider my online backup options and I’ve narrowed it down to two choices: Carbonite orMozy. It’s just that I need to use my CC for this and I don’t want to do that at this time.

Oh well. I just pray that my PC remains healthy until January…

Anyway, let me start with what this post at my photo blog was all about although those who are also collecting the stickers would already know about it 🙂

I started collecting the Starbucks stickers a few days after their Christmas  promo started in early November. The quest for the planner definitely ruined my plans of losing weight before the holidays, as you can see here, but it is now over. I can stay away from expensive coffee until next year!

starbucks wish box

Don’t you just love the packaging? Definitely better than the plastic that the other year’s planner came in. My brother threw it away already though.

starbucks wish revealed

This is the design I chose. There are three available, all different covers with their own textures too. I love the soft velvety feel to this one.

starbucks wish mark

And look at that marker? Isn’t it cute?

And of course the big bonus is the 3000 wishes granted by supporting this promo 🙂

I had another wish granted early. Alfred decided to get me the bag I had wanted for Christmas. So December has just started, and I’ve received my first Christmas present for this year (I wonder if I’ll be receiving more gifts?).

We went to the mall because he wanted to checkout something, then I also wanted to checkout the bag. He promised that if it was something he could afford, he’d buy it for me as a gift. They didn’t have the bags at the Trinoma branch of All Flip Flops, so we went to Megamall the next day. And it was right there on display. It was huge, a lot bigger than I expected. But I also knew that I really really wanted to have it.


I initially wanted to get the blue/brown in the middle, but Alfred preferred the yellow/grey combination. had the pink been available though, I’d have loved to take that but there are so far only two available colors. To be honest, once we found out how much it cost, we left the store to take some time to think it over. I really wanted to have it, and thought about splitting the cost of the bag with the boyfriend. Then I thought, it’s way too expensive.

Eventually though, Alfred decided to just buy it for me, as long as I really wanted it. And I really did. And I love him so much. 🙂