Epiphanie Bags

I am surprised that I have not mentioned these bags before here.

Ginger (click the picture and check her out at their shop)

I found them awhile bag, ugh back, through Shutter Sisters, if I remember correctly. Epiphanie Bags is a line of camera bags with women in mind. Women like me who would rather have all her things in one bag with her camera than tote a separate bulky camera bag. 🙂

They’re not cheap though. Definitely not. But I still want one. I would definitely spend for either one of them over a genuine Coach bag; and an Epiphanie bag costs less too! 

Problem is, I don’t want to spend that much money now. So I’ll wait. What for I’m not sure. I have enough on my Paypal to cover one bag actually… Another problem is that I’m not sure if they would be delivered without customs charging me an enormous fee, you know? That’s the hazard of ordering in from the US 🙁 I could have it delivered to a friend or relative in the US again and wait until there’s a chance to have it shipped here but I haven’t really thought about it that much…

Really, I haven’t.

Lola (collage of photos from their website)

Sheesh, I really want an Epiphanie Bag. Or a Jill-E, but I’ll talk about that other line more some other time…