I ordered Ginger!

I have put in an order for my very own Epiphanie bag, I’m going with Ginger, despite the bright attractive color of Lola. Hehe.  To remind you of how it looks like:

Ginger (click the picture and check her out at their shop)


To be honest, I was reluctant to place the order.

1. The site does not accept PayPal so I had to use my Credit Card.  It’s not the CC usage that got me worried; it’s just that I am supposed to be buying the bag using my online earnings.
It’s virtually free, really. Here’s why: the money I earn off my blog all goes to extra spending money. I don’t feel guilty spending it because it didn’t come from my regular salary. But, if I see the charge on my credit card bill, even if I end up withdrawing my PayPal money and use that to pay, I will feel the impact of the spending. 165 is a lot of money to spend on just one bag. Still, the boyfriend agrees with this purchase. I deserve this camera bag. Maxine deserves it. 🙂
2. The bag will be delivered to the hotel where my friends from work will be staying next week. They are travelling to Seattle for training and I grabbed the chance to save on shipping. But they’re not there yet, they leave on Sunday. Of course I had to place the order ahead of time because I can’t pay for next day shipping. I just hope all goes well with their trip (ie that it pushes through) otherwise, what will happen to my package?
But more than anything, I am excited! I can’t wait to have Ginger home in two and a half weeks! 🙂
I have more news to share. My weight loss adventures are here again. Hopefully this time I will actually shed some pounds. I didn’t end up taking any of these fat loss pills, but I am taking a meal replacement drink paired with health supplements. Today’s just the second day and unfortunately I have eaten some stuff I shouldn’t have. But I am still confident. 😉  This first stage takes five days and depending on the results, I’ll either extend it or to move on to another stage. I’d love to say more about this, but I gotta run. My eyes are droopy and I don’t want to pass off the chance to get to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.