Make a Choice

Lately, I have been making bad decisions. Decisions that aren’t in line with my two main goals: to lose weight and to save money.

I have not been making very good food choices lately, and I’ve even gone back to drinking soda (ugh). We were at the grand sale at the Mall of Asia on Sunday and I spent quite a sum. Yes sure, the shopping lifted my spirits up, haha. 🙂 I guess those that I got can be considered an investment on myself. 😉

This one probably wasn’t a bad decision: I’m not taking the plan that our family’s insurance consultant sent over. She sent me a packet of insurance quotes. Now that I’ve paid up for the first one I got from her, she suggests taking out another plan. It’s forced savings really. I’m not going for it though. The money will be tied up, for one, and I’m not so sure the returns are worth it. Specially since I’ll have to wait fifteen or so years before I even get any dividends or something from it. I’d rather put the money into business.

I’ve visited Starbucks more times than I care to admit in the last two weeks. The latest was Sunday morning. I had a Danish with a cup of Iced Hazelnut Mocha. I loved it. But it cost me money I could have set aside. I also picked up another tumbler.

Okay, that last one wasn’t such a bad decision. After all, using tumblers is good for Mother Earth, and you get five pesos off your coffee every time you take your tumbler. It’s better to use your own tumbler when you buy coffee, or drink it with their mugs (but you’d have to stay in the coffee til you drink it all up), than using the paper cups that add to the waste.

I can also use my new tumbler with any coffee. I can again buy the 3-in-1 mixes in the grocery, those are way cheaper, and I can have more than 1 cup per shift without thinking about costs.

Truth is, it was the half price off that convinced me to buy this tumbler. Yes. Starbucks Philippines slashed the price off this tumbler (it also comes in green) as a special Earth Day promo. It’s only going to last until end of the month, so if you don’t have a tumbler yet, check out your nearest Starbucks and grab one at 195 pesos (originally priced at 395, if I remember correctly).

Getting the tumbler also started me on another idea. An Earth Day giveaway. Yes, dear readers, I have decided to host another giveaway. I’ll be running back to Starbucks one of these days to pick up a tumbler, and you could be the lucky recipient. I haven’t finalized the details of the giveaway yet, but April 22 being Earth Day and the tumbler being on sale because of it, should already give you an idea that the theme of the giveaway is about making choices that will help take care of Mother Earth. I’ll set up the mechanics soon.

So what do you think? Will you join?